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With the disruptions in 2020 caused by the pandemic, businesses need to evolve their financial planning and analysis capabilities. Learn how organizations are enhancing FP&A to provide flexibility and foresight in their planning and reporting. Sessions will help you get the most out of your existing investment in solutions such as SAP BPC and prepare for the move to cloud-based planning as well as explore the merits of supporting a hybrid planning process.

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The New Normal: FP&A lessons learned– Brian Kalish

Learn how to adjust to thrive and not just survive in The New Normal. FP&A teams will have to make adjustments to processes including people, process, culture, and technology to adapt.

Confronting a historic level of uncertainty has rendered traditional methods of data analytics, forecasting, and scenario planning all but useless. Predictions for the return to business-as-usual, as far as scope and scale, remain wide-ranging.  The old approach to the FP&A function is coming up short in an unprecedented crisis, but there is a path forward.

Roadmap and solutions for FP&A – Pras Chatterjee

SAP provides solutions across the board for various Planning & Analysis scenarios. This session provides a detailed overview of what these solutions and how they support key planning capabilities and processes. You will also hear how SAP is evolving planning functionality in the immediate future.

Drive Predictive planning through machine learning with SAP Analytics Cloud – Derek Johnson

SAP Analytics Cloud provides machine learning capabilities that can help organizations integrate advanced and predictive analytics within their planning processes. Given the rapid pace of change and disruption within global organizations, these features can provide useful insight to the business.

Extend your BPC investment and complement it with SAP Analytics Cloud- Pravin Datar

Many organizations currently leverage SAP BPC as a core planning solution. With the advent of SAP Analytics Cloud, companies now have a choice to update and extend their current capabilities. But does that mean you have to walk away from your current investment?

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Change Is Coming to Financial Planning and Analysis: 

Financial professionals are extremely focused on FP&A (financial planning & analysis). As SAPinsider prepares our 2020 studies, “The State of the Market for SAP Financial Planning and Analysis” and “The State of the Market for SAP Finance – a Benchmark Study,” we had a chance to converse with Bryan Lapidus, FPA&A Director, FP&A Practices at Association for Financial Professionals (AFP), about the state of finance and FP&A for 2020 and beyond. 

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