SAP Change Management


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  1. Change Management and Testing for SAP

    Benchmark Report: Change Management and Testing for SAP

    Reading time: 1 min

    In This Report: SAP customers today face increasing business demand for high-quality and rapid software deployments and updates. SAP’s accelerating product roadmap demands a faster and more collaborative approach to development, change management, and testing. In addition, most SAP customers continue to add non-SAP applications that integrate with SAP. SAP teams, used to multi-year development…...…
  2. Delivering New Savings in Robin Hood Country

    Reading time: 5 mins

    Local government plays a vital community role at all times, but especially in times like the pandemic. The United Kingdom’s Nottinghamshire county council serves over 70,000 citizens and uses technology to help meet the community’s shifting needs. Since 2011 SAP has served as the core platform for Nottinghamshire County Council’s finance management, an essential piece…
  3. The Human Side of Change: How Employee Adoption Affects SAP S/4HANA Implementation Success

    There are many benefits to an SAP S/4HANA transformation, but without employee adoption, the implementation could fail. Organizations looking to reduce risk need to understand how to address, plan for, monitor, and drive employee adoption through organizational change management, communication, and training – areas in which some organizations don’t have a strong competency. So how…
  4. Case Study: How Hunter Douglas Got Illumination from SAP S/4HANA Consolidation

    True business transformation extends beyond simply implementing an ERP solution, whether SAP or otherwise. It can entail establishing enterprise-wide and integrated processes, re-defining or clarifying roles and responsibilities, employing new technologies, and shifting the mindset of the organization. Most importantly, it requires executive buy-in and support and a universally shared vision. But how can an…