SAP Sustainability

What Is Sustainability?

Sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising the future of generations to meet their own needs.

It is inclusive of not only natural resources but also social and economic resources. Sustainability is all about the slight changes we can each make to look after our planet, like working toward zero emissions, zero waste, and zero inequality.

What Is Sustainability?

Sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising the future of generations to meet their own needs.

It is inclusive of not only natural resources but also social and economic resources. Sustainability is all about the slight changes we can each make to look after our planet, like working toward zero emissions, zero waste, and zero inequality.

What Is SAP Sustainability?

Four areas of SAP solutions for sustainability are:

  1. Sustainability and ESG Reporting: Add environmental, social, and governance (ESG) to finance real-time data reporting.
  2. Climate Change: Reduce carbon footprint and minimize greenhouse gas emissions with embedded analytics.
  3. Circular Economy: Design products with sustainability, eliminate waste, and build a sustainable supply chain.
  4. Social Responsibility: Integrate ethical and social responsibility into sustainable business practices.

The importance of sustainability is to improve environmental quality. The goal is to improve our existence without depleting natural resources for the future and improve the quality of our lives. But from a business perspective it adds brand value, meets consumer demands, increases efficiency, and creates new opportunities.

A comprehensive cloud solution can help to integrate real-time data and processes to manage your carbon footprint, reduce waste, and achieve social sustainability.

Enterprise solutions from SAP to provide specific sustainability features include:

  • ERP Cloud: SAP S/4HANA embeds sustainability into core processes to improve data, insights, and visibility.
  • Business Technology Platform: A foundation for a sustainable enterprise by integrating applications into business networks.
  • Supply Chain Management: Supports sustainability and governance in the product lifecycle.
  • Business Network: Increases transparency, reach, and effectiveness into sustainability initiatives.
  • Cloud Analytics: Unifies BI, analytics, and planning to provide insights from sustainability-related data.
  • Implementation Services: Bridges the gap between business strategy and execution.

Vendor partners to support your sustainability intelligence efforts are:  SAP, FORCAM, and Baton Simulations.

Key Considerations for SAPinsiders are:

  • SAP Customers Expand Global Footprints. Review this article to learn about SAP’s vision to help the world run as an intelligent, sustainable enterprise. Intelligent enterprises today are doing more than just spanning companies processes and technologies; they span global and local footprints and entire workforces.
  • Don’t Let Your Sustainability Footprint Leave You Behind. Read the Q&A with FORCAM and learn how global sustainability and SAP customers can make an impact.

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