SAP Digital Asset Management

What is SAP Digital Asset Management?

Digital asset management is both a process within an organization, as well as the technology used as part of that process. The goal of digital asset management is to create a centralized system for organizations to store and organize their digital assets. Types of assets typically included within digital asset management systems include documents, images, audio content, video, media files, graphics, presentations, or any digital media that requires rights to use.

SAP Digital Asset Management by OpenText is SAP’s digital asset management solution, which is specifically focused on capturing, managing, and delivering digital assets so that organizations can promote brand and marketing messages of their portfolios, products, and services. SAP’s solution is not home grown, but is a partner solution provided by OpenText, and the official product name is SAP Digital Asset Management Cloud by OpenText.

Vendors offering digital asset management services for SAP include: OpenText

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