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IT-Conductor is an Agentless Cloud-based APM (Apps Performance Management) Automation platform for REMOTE SAP Monitoring, Performance Management & IT Operations.

IT-Conductor uniquely utilizes agentless technology to Minimize Noise > Maximize Performance, by:
– Automate
– Monitor
– Manage &
– Optimize your SAP Performance & Operations.

IT-Conductor Monitors SAP WITHOUT Installation!
The power of IT-Conductor lies in it’s ease of access through a cloud platform to simply hook up to your environment via a secured Gateway and start agentlessly monitor and manage the applications, databases, hosts and related infrastructure components. Templates make application discovery fast and easy to go from monitoring to managing in minutes!

Through its remote management capabilities, IT-Conductor offers value added services including SAP Performance Testing as a Service, SAP Remote Basis Trusted Service, and innovations in SAP Basis Automation (such as SID-Refresh for System Copy Automation).

Cupertino, CA United States

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