Customer Experience

Content in this topic area will help sales, marketing, customer service, and analytics professionals understand how to leverage SAP Customer Experience solutions to deliver personal, trusted, and connected customer experiences. Content will cover a wide range of topics, including end-to-end commerce processes, sales automation, sales performance management, best practice customer service, marketing, and customer-related analytics processes. 


  1. The COVID-19 Crisis Exposes Areas Where SAP Customers in the Healthcare Field Can Up Their Game

    Reading time: 6 mins

  2. Make Better Business Decisions with At-Your-Fingertip Support for SAP Landscapes

    Make Better Business Decisions with At-Your-Fingertip Support for SAP Landscapes

    Reading time: 3 mins

  3. Adapting for Success in the Outcome Economy

    Reading time: 6 mins


  1. Lyncis Technologies

    Reading time: 6 mins

    The high-tech industry has developed a strong affinity for the mantra the “outcome economy” in response to the shift toward selling outcomes rather than quantities. SAP customers are challenged with finding ways to drive every dollar to more impactful innovation versus spending money on the traditional aspects of running IT. This article outlines the steps…
  2. Ask the FI/CO Expert: Use a Simple Workaround to Automatically Release Credit-Hold Blocked Sales Orders After the Error Condition Improves

    Reading time: 5 mins

    Once a credit block on a sales order is active, what will cause the block to be automatically removed? The author, an SAP consultant from the Netherlands, explains how to set up a “semiautomatic” update to credit management. Key Concept   The response to this month’s question is courtesy of guest expert Dr. Stef Cornelissen,…...…
  3. “Why Do Previously Approved Sales Orders End Up on the Credit Hold List a Second Time… And What Can I Do About It?”

    Reading time: 11 mins

    Anyone who works with the Credit Management module knows that previously approved sales orders sometimes end up on Credit Managers’ hold lists a second time. This unwanted outcome is due to two “default” settings in the Credit Management module. This article discusses these settings and shows you how you can implement your own preferences for…...…
  4. Ask the FI/CO Expert: “Can the ‘Special Fields’ Settings Be Made Available to End Users?”

    Reading time: 8 mins

    This month’s “Ask the FI/CO Expert” question concerns ABAP List Viewer (ALV) functionality that was introduced in R/3 Release 4.6: specifically, how to make the “Special Fields” (such as Material #, Quantity, User name, and Entry date) available to end users. As this article explains, the secret is to run two quick ABAP programs after…...…
  5. The End-User Side: Tips and Tricks for “Erasing” A/P Check Numbering Mistakes from the R/3 Online Check Register!

    Reading time: 4 mins

    As users of the A/P module’s Automatic Payment Print Program know all too well, if a run of consecutive checks is mistakenly sent to be printed on ordinary paper, R/3 proceeds to update the Check Register, even though none of the erroneous checks can ever be used. This article shows how to recover from such…...…