Brenton O’Callaghan

Meet the Expert

Brenton is an IT executive that specializes in customer experience transformation in the software industry powered by data and automation. Today, he is the Chief Customer Officer for Avantra, the industry-leading SAP landscape management, and automation solution where his team is focused on solving real-world IT operations problems for the Avantra global customer base. At Avantra, Brenton’s team consistently delivers a fantastic customer experience allowing them to achieve a 3-year average CSAT of over 94% and an industry-leading Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +54. Their success is down to Brenton’s data and automation-driven customer experience strategy to focus the team where it matters most. Brenton has a deep technical background in computer science and has spent over a decade in IT consulting and software with a specific focus on SAP. He is a big believer that the best technology professionals have a mix of technical knowledge, industry experience, and empathy.

Work Experience

Avantra - Chief Customer Officer - 3 years Mindtree - Global Head of SAP Innovation - 2 years Bluefin Solutions - North America - SAP HANA Practice Lead - 3 years Bluefin Solutions - UK - Principal SAP Consultant - 5 years

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