Thomas Neudenberger

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Thomas Neudenberger started his SAP Security Journey in 2002 when he founded realtime North America in the World Trade Center in Tampa. realtime is a 35-year-old European software consulting firm and IT service provider who developed the first 2FA/MFA for SAP technology called bioLock in the early 2000. The mission was to establish an enforceable security technology for SAP where unless an SAP user was specifically invited, they were always rejected. This concept became known as Zero Trust 20 years later! Our bioLock technology was first certified by SAP March 1st, 2002, and Mr. Neudenberger was put in charge of the International Sales and Marketing. Since then, Mr. Neudenberger started speaking about MFA and Zero Trust at ASUG/Sapphire (back then still separated events) and other global SAP, Security and Biometric events. NASA / Brevard County became the first US customer in 2003 and immediately won an award for the innovative protection of HR Data on the function level with biometrics. In 2005 SAP TV came to Florida to make a movie about this groundbreaking installation. In 2006 Mr. Neudenberger helped SAP to win the oldest Central Bank in the UK as a customer. He also participated in the integration of bioLock’s first logon to SAP using biometrics with an iPad. Besides globally promoting and marketing the services of realtime, he also conducts global educational presentations about biometrics and fraud prevention for a wide range of industries including banks, corporations, pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, manufacturing industries, and more. He has also authored numerous articles, e.g., “Beyond Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance” (Elsevier Publishing, 2005). Some of his other accomplishments include his leadership role with integrating bioLock with Fujitsu’s Palm Vein technology, and he also arranged for a global partnership and reseller program with Fujitsu. Later the NYMI Band (Biometrics for Gloves) was specifically integrated to allow SAP Users in the Pharma industry to execute the SAP Digital Signature quickly and conveniently while wearing gloves. Since the first version of bioLock, the technology has evolved into the ultimate control and monitoring system that is installed in all continents and realtime has resell partner in all active SAP markets. Mr. Neudenberger has presented in 5 continents supporting realtime’s global partners. His presentations have been voted entertaining and very eye-opening and enlightening. A recent success story included a Global Oil Company from South Africa using bioLock to reinforce SAP GRC as well as sensitive finance transactions to ensure Zero Trust. SAP NEWS featured this success story in 2023.

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