Strategic Importance of Unified Commerce

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Key Takeaways

⇨ Rapidly evolving customer expectations have brought the importance of unified commerce solutions to limelight.

⇨ Unified commerce provides a more comprehensive view as compared to omnichannel platforms.

⇨ SAP provides seamless integration opportunities with third party unified commerce solution providers.

A consistent business driver that emerges across multiple SAPinsider research reports is the evolving customer expectations and evolving customer demand. As the business world becomes more and more customer-centric, there is an increasing need to leverage data and analytics to transform the customer experience. Organizations need to build essential capability to integrate all customer data siloed across various systems and modules into one view or platform. This capability consolidates the overall customer interaction and experience journey and provides a holistic view of enhancing customer experience. Unified commerce pertains to building this view. The ability helps clients build customer journeys that enhance customer experience, leveraging a single, compelling brand story and allowing organizations to improve their customer brand continuously. This article explains unified commerce, how it differs from omnichannel and explores its relevance in SAP technology ecosystem.

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