Achieve Business Clarity with Process Intelligence 

Achieve Business Clarity with Process Intelligence 

Gain Efficiencies and Remain Competitive Through Process Intelligence

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Key Takeaways

⇨ Use process intelligence to understand the inner workings of the business and delivering expected outcomes.

⇨ Leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to glean critical process insights.

⇨ Measure business improvements through process understanding prior to a transformation.

The challenges of responding to market volatility and customer demand are all too common for most companies. Often, executives propose transformative initiatives such as migrating to SAP S/4HANA or implementing automation solutions to gain efficiencies and remain competitive. However, those outcomes are difficult to achieve without transparency into business processes.  

What is the answer? Process intelligence provides an understanding of where process deficiencies exist and where leverage opportunities reside.  

SAPinsider sat down with Shoeb Javed, Chief Strategy and Product Officer for software testing firm Worksoft Inc., to discuss the latest process intelligence trends. With many companies focusing on automation and their SAP S/4HANA migrations, the topic of process intelligence is a timely one.  

“We’re going through a wholesale transformation in the way we live, work, and interact with each other. And technologies we help build have shaped a large part of that transformation,” Javed says. “It’s exciting to take part in creating that future and be at the forefront of all these possibilities.” 

Read more and learn:
• Process intelligence is required in understanding the inner workings of the business and delivering expected outcomes.

• Prior to a transformation or migration, companies should determine what they intend to improve once the implementation is complete — critical to why process intelligence is vital for strategic operational execution.  

• With an entire spectrum of technologies that comprise process intelligence now becoming mainstream, companies can no longer view intelligence as a “nice to have” but rather a must-have.

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