Heiko Hecht

Meet the Expert

Heiko started working with SAP software in 1994. Heiko serves as a subject matter expert for Financial Accounting, System Upgrades/Transformations, Compliance, Process Discovery/Mining, ESG and Solution Documentation with SAP Solution Manager. Heiko is responsible for the collaboration with SAP and the roll out of SAP TRAC (Total ROI Analysis Campaign) and SAP STAR (System Transformation via Alignment and Reassessment). TRAC is part of SAP’s MOVE program to implement S/4HANA systems more efficiently and faster. Heiko was part of the original SAP Solution Manager development team and supports customers and partners jumpstarting Solution Documentation since 2005 to enable Impact Analysis, Monitoring and Testing among other ALM tasks. Heiko earned his PhD in Business Administration in 2003 and is a regular speaker at SAP events in the US and Europe. Prior to joining IBIS America, Heiko worked 10 years for IBIS Prof Thome AG in Wuerzburg, Germany and was directly involved with the development of RBE Plus, Solution Manager, ByD and other offerings of IBIS and its partners. Since 2004, Heiko has actively supported the rollout of RBE Plus and SAP Solution Manager with focus on customers in the US and Canada.

Work Experience

Actively involved in SAP implementations, assessments, upgrades, consolidations and other SAP lifecycle projects since 1994 primarily in Europe and the US.

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