Damien Johnson

Meet the Expert

Damien Johnson is currently serving as the Global Chief Architect for the RISE, Ecosystem organization, to ensure our customers benefit from a complementary architecture patterns and capabilities from SAP partners, for their cloud journey. His extensive experience as an Enterprise Architect helping SAP’s large strategic customers modernize has helped him design and co-author strategic cloud migration plans for customers that encompass our customers entire enterprise assets, along with SAP at its core. He works with all the major partners from global service providers, cloud service providers and independent software vendors to help develop architecture constructs that help SAP customers to most effectively leverage the assets from all providers in a complementary fashion. He started with SAP in the days of SAP’s first re-platforming onto NetWeaver, where he worked with customers on their on-boarding of the new technology platforms to support the new suite capabilities of Business Suite.  Since that time Damien, has also held chief  architect roles in numerous industries and technologies and companies, which has given him the necessary insight to help SAP customers with their unique requirements that span beyond SAP, to implement innovations and adaptions to support their changing operations.

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