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Baton Simulations

At Baton, our mission is to help your people embrace new software and processes – and actively “live” digital transformation. Our solutions drive faster acceptance, understanding and adoption of digital initiatives and end-to-end integration. Based on our expertise in organizational change management, our solutions are designed to engage and empower users – galvanizing your people to jump on board.  Whether you’re a business leader, IT consultant or software vendor, we can help to move digital transformation forward – by putting people at the heart of change.

Featured Products

  • ERPsim™.

    It engages your people in a challenge that pits teams against each other to solve problems, motivating them to embrace ERP and buy into your digital transformation initiative.

  • DAS.

    DAS also enables leaders to normalize rapid change by aiding in the successful implementation and roll-out of enterprise applications

Featured Content

  • The Science Behind ERPsim™.

    ERPsim, the only business simulation run on live SAP ERP, is one of the most effective tools available to any organization for paving the way to successful digital transformation. What makes it so effective?

  • What Makes a Successful Digital Transformation?

    A whopping 70% of digital transformation (DX) initiatives fail, according to recent research by McKinsey. What can you do to make your DX initiative succeed?

Multimedia Center

  • INTRODUCING ERPsim product image


    Guy Couillard, CEO of Baton Simulations, introduces ERPsim and DAS.

  • ERPsim Demo.

    In this short demo, we will present you the SAP S/4HANA Simulation by Baton Simulations.

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