Delphix Drives Environmental Standards for IT

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⇨ Delphix and launched SustainableIT Environmental Standards 1.0 offering a framework to measure and reduce the environmental impact of IT operations

⇨ The standards cover both direct and indirect effects of IT aligning with global frameworks for measurement and reporting

⇨ The collaboration highlights Delphix's dedication to IT industry sustainability supported by industry experts in the Standards Development and Review Committee

Delphix, a leader in DevOps test data management, partnered with, a nonprofit organization, to address the measurement of environmental impact in information technology (IT) operations. Together, they have introduced an set of standards to shape of eco-conscious technology practices.

Unveiled as SustainableIT Environmental Standards 1.0, these metrics developed by Delphix provide organizations with a consistent framework to assess and mitigate the environmental effects of their IT operations. There is a specific focus on energy consumption, emissions, waste management, and responsible sourcing, these standards let companies to set goals, track progress, and drive change.

The importance of SustainableIT’s standards lies in their comprehensive approach addressing the direct influence of IT operations and the broader implications resulting from an organization’s use of IT. These standards align with established global frameworks, including GRI, SASB, and TCFD so companies can effectively measure, improve, and report their sustainability efforts.

Jedidiah Yueh, the Founder and CEO of Delphix and Founding Director of emphasizes the timeliness and necessity of these standards in the midst of a rapidly evolving digital landscape. “As we find ourselves in the early stages of a profound digital transformation, with IT driving an increasing number of business processes, it is imperative that we acknowledge the environmental cost of this progress,” Yueh said. “The introduction of these standards allows IT leaders to navigate this landscape responsibly, fostering sustainable growth in businesses and industries alike.”

The approval of the SustainableIT Environmental Standards 1.0 by the Standards Development and Review Committee, comprised of distinguished experts from leading organizations such as Choice Hotels International, Rackspace, and ADP, ensures their credibility and relevance. continues to strengthen its executive team with the recent appointment of Rick Pastore as Research Principal. Pastore has developed best practices and transformational tools, making him an asset to

Delphix, the technical underwriter for, lets companies modernize applications, adopt multicloud environments, and enhance recovery capabilities for accelerated digital transformations and zero trust data management practices.

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