Fraud Management

Detecting fraud amongst the vast amounts of data and processes that most enterprises support can be a challenge.  Content in this subtrack will help GRC teams understand how they can use technology, solutions and best practices to automate and improve fraud detection within their organization. Learn how companies are using intelligent scanning capabilities to isolate potential frauds and anomalies and intervene early in the process before they can have a significant business or financial impact.  See how predictive analysis can be used in fraud detection to help you build profiles and patterns of potential perpetrators so that you can alert and educate compliance teams. Improve the accuracy of your fraud detection capabilities so that you can increase efficiency and lower overall costs.


  1. Kyriba

    Reading time: 30 mins

    … This content is available to Premium Members. Sign In Become a Member... This content is available to Premium Members. Sign In Become a Member
  2. SAP Bank Communication Management: What You Need to Know

    Reading time: 30 mins

    Learn the key advantages of using the SAP Bank Communication Management module. Discover how SAP Bank Communication Management increases the efficiency and automation of payment processing within organizations. Key Concept SAP Bank Communication Management is a relatively new module of SAP’s Financial Supply Chain Management component. SAP Bank Communication Management can be used to efficiently…...…
  3. Shared Master Data Management with SAP Access Control and SAP Process Control

    Reading time: 21 mins

    SAP Access Control and SAP Process Control have common master data elements that are consumed by both applications. Jitan Batra explains how the architectural shift back to ABAP for SAP Access Control 10.0 not only allows SAP Access Control and SAP Process Control to coexist in the same system, but also allows sharing of common…...…
  4. Addressing New Banking Operational Risk Governance Standards with SAP Solutions for GRC

    Reading time: 5 mins

    It is now commonly accepted that persistent failures in risk management were a contributing factor in the economic crisis of 2008. Since then higher standards of risk management, internal controls, and internal audit have been called for. Find out about new risk governance standards as well as how SAP solutions for GRC are answering the…
  5. Spotlight: Is Your SAP Environment Vulnerable to Heartbleed?

    Reading time: 5 mins

    SAP Professional JournalAn experienced CTO fields some questions about Heartbleed’s impact on SAP systems. The impact of being vulnerable to Heartbleed is that all past and future network traffic could be decrypted, so changing user passwords and SSL certificates is a must. However, the first step should be to update the software and the OpenSSL…...…
  6. Get Your SAP System Landscape Technically Ready for SAP Assurance and Compliance

    Reading time: 19 mins

    Gain insight into important configuration activities that are imperative for harnessing the capabilities and offerings of SAP Fraud Management and SAP Audit Management. Key Concept SAP Assurance and Compliance software is the latest addition to the SAP GRC product suite. It  seeks to address fraud and audit challenges in the business environment. The product helps…...…
  7. Detect Faster and Prevent Better with SAP Fraud Management

    Reading time: 5 mins

    Fraud is a major detractor to companies across a wide variety of industries, which is why SAP developed SAP Fraud Management. This next-generation solution, powered by SAP HANA, helps customers detect and prevent fraud better, simplifying their efforts to catch increasingly sophisticated fraudsters. This content is available to General Members. Sign In Become a Member
  8. Use a Three-Way Invoice Control Assessment to Reduce the Risk of Fraud and Money Loss

    Reading time: 15 mins

    Sergei Peleshuk provides an overview of SAP BW/4HANA and key considerations to think about when making the decision to migrate. This content is available to Premium Members. Sign In Become a Member
  9. SAP NetWeaver Business Rules Management: Externalize Critical Business Logic for Enhanced Flexibility

    Reading time: 19 mins

    Discover how the Rete engine in SAP NetWeaver Business Rules Management helps you define business logic — without the need for IT assistance. As this logic is encapsulated and handled in a dedicated environment, business experts can adapt rules during runtime to react to changing market conditions. Key Concept Rete (a Latin term meaning “net”)…...…
  10. Overcome a Top Auditing Issue with Superuser Privilege Management

    Reading time: 26 mins

    Procedures for granting emergency access to SAP systems often raise concerns during a system audit. SAP BusinessObjects Access Control can provide an effective solution. The Superuser Privilege Management (SPM) capability manages access to emergency users in a secure and auditable manner. See how it works in the SAP back end and the different reporting measures…...…