Moving to SAP S/4HANA? Avoid these common audit issues

Moving to SAP S/4HANA? Avoid these common audit issues

Although transformative to businesses, SAP S/4HANA implementations have revealed some common, audit-relevant issues that could create risks for organizations. Because much of the focus of these implementations (and upgrades) is on ensuring that business functionality is enabled and the system goes live quickly, controls and security considerations are often neglected, or severely under-scoped. Implementation issues, from lack of requirements traceability to poor assumptions about implementer responsibilities, can easily be avoided with knowledge and planning. Join RSM partners Steve Biskie and Kari Sklenka-Gorden - each of whom have been involved in more than a dozen SAP S/4HANA projects - for some real-world tips and tricks on avoiding the worst and preparing for the best.

Attend this session to:

- Learn the risk themes that seem consistent across organizations and implementation partners
- Understand proven strategies for identifying and mitigating these risks
- Build a case for creating proper enterprise-wide data governance
- Hear how functional testing can fail to confirm controls are working, and when an organization might want to re-think existing control settings
- Learn how to document control decisions for auditability

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