Steve Biskie

Meet the Expert

Steve Biskie, Principal at RSM, is an internationally-recognized expert on SAP audit, risk, security and compliance issues. He is the author of Auditing SAP S/4HANA (SAP Press, 2023) and Surviving an SAP Audit, (SAP Press, 2010), and was an expert reviewer for the book Security, Audit, and Control Features: SAP ERP (3rd & 4th Editions). Steve also teaches beginner through advanced SAP auditing courses, and has traveled to more than 18 countries to share his expertise. Steve was first introduced to SAP in the mid-90s while working as an external auditor for one of the Big 4. Since then he has been involved with SAP systems in a variety of roles, including as an internal auditor, consultant, implementation team member, compliance team lead, and SAP Steering Committee Chair. He has worked directly with SAP as part of the SAP Influence Council for the Management of Internal Controls (MIC) tool, the first iteration of what is now SAP Process Control. He has also served as an advisor to SAP on optimizing SAP Process Control, SAP Audit Management, and SAP Business Integrity Screening (formerly known as Fraud Management).

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