Excelitas’ SOD Financial Analytics: Bridging the Gap between Audit Findings and Remediation

Key Takeaways

⇨ Mitigate high-risk areas in your SAP landscape by identifying, quantifying and investigating actual Segregation of Duties (SOD) violations at the transaction level.

⇨ Focus your efforts on the "Did-Do" exceptions and eliminate the need to review hundreds of records to address concerns over potential materiality of "Can-Do" access conflicts.

⇨ Engage key stakeholders to review exceptions and report findings to External Audit as a mitigating control.

Excelitas delves into their strategy for mitigating Segregation of Duties (SOD) access issues within their SAP landscape. In a world where compliance and access integrity are paramount, Excelitas has strategically harnessed the power of SOD Quantification analysis as a pivotal step towards mitigating recent audit findings. Discover how SOD Quantification analysis served as an intermediary solution, bridging the gap between identification of SOD access concerns and their planned remediation. Gain insights into the methodologies harnessed to perform comprehensive SOD Quantification analysis across a landscape encompassing multiple production instances, and learn the approach taken for engaging key stakeholders and members of the business to review exceptions and report findings to External Audit, which ultimately alleviated concerns surrounding the material impact of access management deficiencies.

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