Customer Experience

Content in this topic area will help sales, marketing, customer service, and analytics professionals understand how to leverage SAP Customer Experience solutions to deliver personal, trusted, and connected customer experiences. Content will cover a wide range of topics, including end-to-end commerce processes, sales automation, sales performance management, best practice customer service, marketing, and customer-related analytics processes. 


  1. The COVID-19 Crisis Exposes Areas Where SAP Customers in the Healthcare Field Can Up Their Game

    Reading time: 6 mins

  2. Make Better Business Decisions with At-Your-Fingertip Support for SAP Landscapes

    Make Better Business Decisions with At-Your-Fingertip Support for SAP Landscapes

    Reading time: 3 mins

  3. Adapting for Success in the Outcome Economy

    Reading time: 6 mins


  1. Crescense

    Reading time: 6 mins

    The high-tech industry has developed a strong affinity for the mantra the “outcome economy” in response to the shift toward selling outcomes rather than quantities. SAP customers are challenged with finding ways to drive every dollar to more impactful innovation versus spending money on the traditional aspects of running IT. This article outlines the steps…
  2. Citrix

    After three decades as an industry pioneer, we ‘ve learned a few lessons. Like what it really takes to bridge the gap between employee productivity and innovative thinking. And how a new generation of technologies can help people quiet the noise and focus on the work that matters most. That ‘s why we ‘re committed…
  3. CCP Global

    CCP Global (formerly Chicago Consulting Partners) was founded in 1998 by Accenture and Ernst & Young alumni. The goal of founder and CEO Chris Wojcik was to re-imagine software implementations with a boutique approach that offered both unprecedented expertise and outstanding value. That vision has been consistently successful, and the company has developed a strong…
  4. Camelot Software

    Camelot Software: Serve your Customers, RULE Your Business
  5. BOX

    We started Box in 2005 to make it easy to access information from anywhere and collaborate with anyone. While that vision still lies at the core of our business, it has transformed into our mission to power how the world works together. Today, we’re proud to call 100,000 companies and 69% of the Fortune 500…
  6. Brevo

    In a world of constantly shifting ideas and allegiances, it’s easy to pay lip service to the buzzing -isms of our day. At Brevo, we like to keep things simple. Our focus has always been on being a true, client-oriented, life-loving company. We want to have fun while we work and do stuff that makes…
  7. boathouse group inc.

    We named the company Boathouse to capture the culture and competitive spirit of team and performance. Every day we work to get better. Started by two rowers, CEO John Connors and CFO Chris Boland, in 2001 after working at the biggest agency in New England and the biggest agency in the world, we ‘re a…
  8. Born group Inc

    With the most compelling creative, tech and consulting services, we transform brands by delivering experiences that change how people engage with the world around them.

    BIT Consulting is a world market leader in providing add-on solutions for SAP software for medical device companies, especially in the area of managing complex loan and consignment processes. BIT Consulting’s solution myMEDISET has been established over the years as the standard solution for the medical device industry to support efficient management ofhigh-quality assets. Highly…
  10. Bilot

    Bilot is a pioneer in digitalization, born in 2005 out of a passion for creating the best workplace for the best talent within the industry. We are a long-term and trusted partner for large and medium-sized companies. Our clients include more than 100 leading and well-known companies in process industry, manufacturing, wholesale, retail, services, consumer…