Rex Ahlstrom

Meet the Expert

As Syniti’s CTO, EVP Innovation & Growth, Rex calls on his 30+ years’ experience in the technology space to help shape the company's product strategy. Having earned a Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering from John Hopkins University and Bachelor from Drexel University, Rex’s early career involved a number of senior leadership positions inside the Fortune 500 – including SAP, Westinghouse, and Orbital (DSI). Rex founded SOALogix, an SOA integration platform startup which was subsequently acquired by SAP in 2009. He is committed to promoting innovation as a key business differentiator. Rex’s role at Syniti sees him responsible for crafting the company’s product strategy and development roadmap, as well as helping drive customer adoption of our technology. In addition, he also takes the lead on analyst and partner engagement to encourage constant discussion on the power of business data. Rex is also a respected speaker and experienced global lecturer. Outside of work Rex is an avid skier, biker, runner, yoga junkie, and boating. In addition there’s his extended family and children to keep him busy, as well as volunteer work and charity fundraising – to help a number of causes including research into cancer, cystic fibrosis, and multiple sclerosis