Dataxstream Encourages SAP Users to Start AI Journey by Cleaning up their Data

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    Dataxstream Encourages SAP Users to Start AI Journey by Cleaning up their Data

    Reading time: 2 mins

    DataXstream recently sponsored the NAW Webinar and discussed the importance of starting your AI journey right with clean data.
  2. DataXstream Partners with Pearl Group to Implement OMS+

    Reading time: 1 mins

    DataXstream has partnered with Pearl Group to help organizations modernize and streamline sales process management across sales channels.
  3. DataXstream

    DataXstream’s SAP Endorsed App OMS+ Has SAP ERP as its Foundation

    Reading time: 1 mins

    DataXStream produces SAP-certified solutions for customer success and builds solutions that leverage its extensive experience with SAP ERP.
  4. DataXstream Partners with Pearl Group for Transforming Sales Process Management

    DataXstream has partnered with Pearl Group, one of the Nordic region’s leading providers of ERP, Insight, Cloud Services and advanced marketing and e-commerce solutions. The partnership is set to support organizations in modernizing and streamlining their sales process management across sales channels with DataXstream’s application, OMS+. In accordance with SAP’s digital transformation roadmap, both DataXstream…
  5. The Tileshop – A DataXstream customer story

    DataXstream specializes in accelerating the entire organization’s sales needs through effective order management system and supporting better customer service through increased visibility to the customer history and product availability. Hear directly from The Tile shop CIO on how DataXstream’s OMS+ solution provided them with the tools needed to have greater insight into their day-to-day business…....…
  6. King Arthur Baking Company Enhances its Omnichannel Strategy with DataXstreams’s OMS+

    King Arthur Baking Company, a 100% employee-owned ESOP and omnichannel seller of baking goods, has purchased DataXstream’s OMS+ solution to enable expansion into new markets and diversify their sales channels. DataXstream, an SAP solution specialist, primarily focuses on sales and distribution order management. Their product, OMS+, is an SAP-endorsed application that is engineered to support…
  7. Strategic Importance of Unified Commerce

    A consistent business driver that emerges across multiple SAPinsider research reports is the evolving customer expectations and evolving customer demand. As the business world becomes more and more customer-centric, there is an increasing need to leverage data and analytics to transform the customer experience. Organizations need to build essential capability to integrate all customer data…
  8. Wholesale and Distribution image

    How Wholesale and Distribution is Using Available Technologies to Win in the Current Market

    December 15, 2021

    The Wholesale Distribution Industry has been facing pressure from a changing marketplace due in part to mass-market retailers. Recent events and disruptions increase this pressure. With Retail pushing into the wholesale market space, customers expect B2B transactions to mimic their personal consumer transactions. The need for visibility into inventory or source alternatives is increasingly important.…