King Arthur Baking Company Enhances its Omnichannel Strategy with DataXstreams’s OMS+

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⇨ King Arthur will use DataXstream's OMS+ to expand SAP functionality, providing customers with a smooth and consistent experience while broadening their presence across various sales platforms.

⇨ DataXstream's OMS+ is an advanced order management system that is built for SAP and is equipped with preset order types designed to handle order processing needs.

⇨ OMS+ optimizes multi-channel sales by automating processes, aggregating data, and offering an intuitive interface.

King Arthur Baking Company, a 100% employee-owned ESOP and omnichannel seller of baking goods, has purchased DataXstream’s OMS+ solution to enable expansion into new markets and diversify their sales channels.

DataXstream, an SAP solution specialist, primarily focuses on sales and distribution order management. Their product, OMS+, is an SAP-endorsed application that is engineered to support and enhance multi-channel sales operations through automated processes, data consolidation, and an accessible user interface.

With the goal of broadening its presence in new markets and expand its retail footprint while fostering a seamless experience for customers and employees across its sales channels, this purchase is set to optimize Kind Arthur’s multi-channel sales. The solution is specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with SAP, operating in real-time and utilizing SAP data. The application supports a range of features including order entry, customer self-service, document automation, and mobile or field service capabilities. Its user-oriented interface presents a holistic view of customer data and assists in meeting customer-specific needs. A few of the solution capabilities include:

OMS+ is built for SAP: OMS+ is an advanced order management system that is built for SAP. It is equipped with preset order types designed to handle even the most demanding order processing needs and can be customized to align with an organization’s current processes. Designed to simplify order fulfillment for the end-user, OMS+ enables effective complex operations management.

Advanced user interface: OMS+’s advanced user interface simplifies system interactions for sales associates, enabling them to concentrate on selling products and services rather than managing a complex, fragmented process. The high-level hardware integration of OMS+ offers the adaptability to incorporate customer interaction and payment processing functionalities that use innovative payment technologies and market-leading PCI protection. OMS+ is designed to operate smoothly on traditional terminals, tablets, and smartphones, providing the flexibility to deploy the interface on the most suitable platform for business needs.

Payment Collection: OMS+ is flexible with payment collection requirements and can be customized to align with an organization’s specific business needs. It has been designed with integration points to facilitate easy linking with the credit card processing system, ensuring SAP installation remains free from PCI compliance obligations.

Customer Relationship Management: OMS+ equips organizations with comprehensive tools that facilitate a deeper understanding of customers. The Customer Dashboard provides simple access to various customer information such as documents, notes, open deliveries, product purchasing details, live customer data, and its real-time integration with SAP simplifies the overlay of VA01/GUI.

Insightful Analytics: Operating within SAP and utilizing live SAP data in real-time, OMS+ ensures the latest order and product availability information. This information is harnessed by OMS+ to provide analytical insights, such as daily order volumes and identifying the most valuable customers.

Administrative Tools: OMS+ incorporates built-in features to handle cash drawer operations including opening and closing procedures, an intelligently designed tender report, and advanced terminal management abilities. Whether at the point of sale (POS), during mobile sales transactions, mobile order management, or within the call center, OMS+ adjusts flexibly to an organization’s needs.

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