Speaker Q&A: Keeping Workers Safe using Intelligent Compliance Processes at CITIC Pacific Mining

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Meet the Experts

  • Lauren Walsh

    Superintendent Training Systems at CITIC Pacific Mining

    Expert since 2023

Key Takeaways

⇨ The project addressed the challenge of managing compliance documents in SAP SuccessFactors for a mining company. It resulted in an integrated self-service compliance application.

⇨ SAP SuccessFactors for the project included highlighting risks, showcasing mitigation, and maintaining open communication to secure leadership buy-in and investment.

⇨ As a first-time speaker, Lauren Walsh found the experience rewarding, discussing an innovative project and receiving support from the conference organizers.

Following the June 2023, Mastering SAP Conference in Melbourne we took five minutes to chat to speaker Lauren Walsh, Superintendent Learning Systems at CITIC Pacific Mining (CPM) to hear more about a recent project that extended CPM’s SAP SuccessFactors instance utilising SAP BTP.

Q: You presented at Mastering SAP on Keeping Workers Safe using Intelligent Compliance Processes – Can you tell us a bit about your story and what inspired the project?

The inspiration for this project came from a problem that many SAP SuccessFactors customers (particularly in mining) were facing – managing our compliance documents within SAP SuccessFactors. The nature of our work in the Mining and Resources Sector means that our 4500+ workforce often undertake complex and high-risk work across the full range of mining operations. CITIC Pacific Mining (CPM) has a regulatory and owner operator duty of care to ensure that our workforce performing these high-risk tasks has provided the documentary evidence that they are appropriately trained to do so. The mobilization process is comprehensive, with several touch points for both CPM and often a Contracting partner. The initial and ongoing burden of recording Drivers licenses, High Risk Work licenses, and other credentials is time consuming and often leads to a person arriving at site who hasn’t shown the evidence that they are job ready.

Through a series of detailed workshops, SAP’s Innovation Office and DalRae Solutions understood our challenges and helped us to extend SAP SuccessFactors using SAP BTP. We now have an easy-to-use, self-service document compliance application for our workers that fully integrates with SAP SuccessFactors.

Q: Getting leadership buy in and investment for innovation projects can be challenging for SAP customers – Could you share some success factors for getting this initiative up and running?

When we began discussions with our executive, we illustrated the current risks within the existing process for managing the compliance documents, and then articulated how the solution helps to mitigate those risks. As we were seeking to implement an innovative solution, we knew that we would be challenged on the viability of the project throughout the commercial evaluation. To mitigate this, we maintained clear and open communication with our innovation partner, so those reservations were understood early in the process, and we were able to find a commercial structure that was mutually beneficial.

Q: Sharing customer case studies and insights is key to the Mastering SAP content, what was your experience as a first time speaker at the conference?

For me personally, speaking at a conference is not something I would normally put myself forward for, but the opportunity to talk about an innovation project that was so challenging, rewarding and fun was worth stepping out of my comfort zone for. The program team at Mastering SAP made sure I was well prepared in the lead up and everyone made me feel comfortable on the day.

Missed Lauren’s presentation at the conference and keen to learn more? View her presentation here.

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