Keeping Workers Safe Using Intelligent Compliance Processes

Meet the Experts

  • Lauren Walsh

    Superintendent Training Systems at CITIC Pacific Mining

    SAPinsider Expert since 2023

Key Takeaways

⇨ Learn how the tools in BTP can help your business improve efficiencies

⇨ See the business impacts of investing in BTP Solutions

⇨ View a real-life use case and demonstration of BTP

Learn how CITIC Pacific Mining and DalRae Solutions have together harnessed the power of BTP to build an SAP SuccessFactors Extension that streamlines uploading, processing, and validating employee licenses and certifications using OCR & AI.

Starting with an intuitive UI that allows users to upload photos, automatically extract data, and trigger approval workflows, this ensures accurate, up-to-date info, saves time and money, all while keeping the workforce safe.

Read the presentation here.

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