Key SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite Features of H2 2022: Part 3

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Key Takeaways

⇨ SAP released its most recent update to SAP SuccessFactors recently, updating many of the features while also adding some new ones.

⇨ Updates to the SuccessFactors Compensation improves the ability to track rewards statements.

⇨ The Career Development Planning module has also been updated, allowing users to better map out their career trajectory.

SuccessFactors Update

The SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Management (HXM) Suite H2 2022 is filled with various enhancements to improve your business processes and system usage. This is the third and final article in a series of articles covering the new enhancements. In this article, we’ll cover Performance & Goals, Compensation, Succession & Development, Calibration, and Opportunity Marketplace.

Performance & Goals

There are just a few key enhancements made for Performance Management and Goal Management in the H2 2022 release.

  • Display of performance ratings from multiple employments
    • The Performance History block in People Profile can now show performance review data from multiple employments. It can also show the performance history of inactive users. This enhancement enables a greater visibility into the complete performance review data of an employee’s current and former employments.
  • Replacement of legacy version of Continuous Performance Management
    • The legacy version of Continuous Performance Management (CPM) reached End of Maintenance on May 20, 2022 and will be retired as of May 24, 2024. Customers should move the new version of CPM before May 24, 2024.

For 360 reviews, there are some enhancements to improve the 360-review process.

  • Auto-save changed to 30 seconds
    • The auto-save feature has now been modified to save form data every 30 seconds of inactivity instead of every 5 seconds of inactivity. In addition, users see a message at the top of the form alerting users when there are unsaved changes and autosave also happens before a session timeout. This enhancement ensures users do not lose data they have entered in the form.
  • The competency-filter attribute is now supported in latest version of 360 Reviews
    • The competency-filter attribute that was available in v11 has now been introduced into the latest version of 360 Reviews. This attribute controls what competencies users from different participant categories can view and rate. This enhancement closes a gap between the latest and previous versions of 360 Reviews.
  • Rate-by-Behavior introduced
    • The enabling rate-by-behavior features enables you to show behavior names and ratings in the Summary section of a 360 Review form. This enhancement improves the ability for raters to rate based on all relevant information.
  • Hide Route Map option on 360 Reviews forms
    • You can now choose to show or hide the route map on 360 Reviews forms before launching them. If it is shown, users can choose to expand or collapse it. This enhancement improves the user experience of using 360 Review forms.
  • Deprecation of 360 Reviews v11 version
    • 360 Reviews v11 will reach the end of maintenance on May 26, 2023 and will be deleted on November 17, 2023. Customers need to upgrade to the latest version before November 17, 2023.

In the latest version of Goal Management, there are a few useful enhancements.

  • Team goals
    • Users can now create, manage, and be assigned team goals in the latest Goal Management. Group goals are no longer supported. This enhancement enables greater control on the use of team goals across teams.
  • Leave comments on goals
    • Users can now add, edit, or delete comments on their own goals or those of their direct reports. This also applies to the SuccessFactors Mobile app. This enhancement means that employees can add comment on their goals and managers can add comments to the goals of their employees.
  • Copy goals from goal plans
    • Users can now copy personal goals from their own goal plans as a new option to create goals. This also applies to the SuccessFactors Mobile app. This enhancement makes it easier to create new goals and reuse previous goals.


There were a number of new enhancements for Compensation, including:

  • Deprecation of legacy Executive Review Filters
    • The legacy Executive Review Filters will be retired on May 17, 2024. They have been replaced with the Advanced Executive Review Filters setting.
  • Additional help text for template column fields
    • It is now possible to configure help text for up to 50 column fields when configuring Compensation, Variable Pay, and Total Compensation templates. This enhancement helps improve the user experience by enabling help text to be added to a large number of column fields.
  • Template ID is now displayed in the template’s Settings page
    • The template ID for Compensation, Variable Pay, and Total Compensation Plan templates is now displayed in the Settings page of the template. This enhancement makes it easier to integrate templates with Performance & Goals and for reporting.
  • Reward Statement Generation Report
    • The Reward Statement Generation Report icon in the Manage Statement Template can be used to download a CSV report of all employees who have reward statements generated and all employees who do not have them. This enhancement enables administrators to track which users have had a reward statement generated and which ones have not.

Succession & Development

In Succession Planning, the main enhancement enables customers to now add Job Title, Job Level, and Department to the headers of Succession Org Chart nodes and position tiles, and customize the order in which the fields are displayed. This enhancement enables customers to have greater control over the data displayed in the Succession Org Chart.

There are two key enhancements to Career Development Planning:

  • Career Worksheet is now available in Story Reports
    • You can now create a Story report for employees’ current and target roles in Career Worksheet. The reportable information includes Career Worksheet template ID and name, role and user ID and name, and modification records. This enhancement enables companies to report on various data in the Career Worksheet.
  • Career Explorer now available
    • The Career Explorer feature is now available. This enhancement uses Machine Learning to recommend career opportunities to employees based on the career paths of employees who are similar to them.


There were only a small number of enhancements for the Calibration module in the H2 2022 release.

  • Remove subjects from Calibration sessions
    • It is now possible to remove subjects from calibration sessions. This enhancement enables customers to remove subjects from any calibration sessions, where it was previously only possible to remove subjects from inactive sessions or sessions that were still in the setup status.
  • Enhancement to guidelines enforcement during mass finalization of calibration sessions
    • When performing a mass finalization of calibration sessions, the distribution guidelines are enforced in the same way they are when a single calibration session is finalized. This enhancement provides consistency of enforcement of distribution guidelines when sessions are finalized, no matter if they are finalized one-by-one or as a mass finalization.

Opportunity Marketplace

Unsurprisingly, the recently released Opportunity Marketplace feature has a large number of enhancements to further build out the solution.

  • Enhanced search
    • Users can now search for opportunities, including assignments, learning courses, mentors, mentoring programs, and job roles, by facet filters and recently used keywords in Opportunity Marketplace. This enhancement helps employees find opportunities more easily.
  • Enable Opportunity Fulfilled Notification
    • You can now enable the Opportunity Fulfilled Notification. This enhancement lets employees know when their opportunity has been fulfilled and they can update their Growth Portfolio with the new skills learned from the opportunity.
  • New Program Details page
    • The Program Details page has been released. This enhancement enables employees to view details of a recommended mentoring program and join it as a mentor or mentee.
  • Define and configure custom fields
    • You can now define and configure custom fields for Opportunity Marketplace assignments, as well as define the order of fields and determine whether custom fields are required during assignment creation. This enhancement allows custom data fields to be added to assignments so that company-specific information can be made available to employees in Opportunity Marketplace.
  • Edit Opportunity Marketplace assignments
    • Assignment owners can now edit assignments that they created when assignments are published and the hiring process is still open. They can edit any assignment fields except the Type field. This enhancement allows administrators to update assignments that have already been published, instead of removing, editing, and re-publishing an opportunity.
  • Define duration of assignments
    • Assignment owners can now specify when applicants start and complete assignments. This enhancement enables more clarity to employees about the amount of time they would be on an assignment.
  • Opportunity Marketplace Assignments available in People Profile
    • A new block is provided to display the Opportunity Marketplace assignments on the People Profile. This enhancement gives visibility of what assignments an employee is on.
  • Story Reports for Opportunity marketplace Assignments
    • Users can now create and view story reports for Assignments, including details of assignments, assignment applications, and assignment capabilities. Users can also create assignment reports using schemas across different domains, such as User and Capabilities Library. This enhancement enables administrator to report on assignments.
  • Enhancements to Opportunity Marketplace in SuccessFactors Mobile:
    • There are several enhancements made to SuccessFactors Mobile for Opportunity Marketplace:
      • More information is available in Posting Details and Assignment Details pages.
      • Users can now view the assignment experiences of employees, including such information as assignment name, type, duration, and status in People Profile.
      • Users can now search for an opportunity in Opportunity Marketplace.
      • Users can now view applicant engagement duration for assignments.
      • Users can now view the workflow of applying for and completing an assignment.
      • Users can now select up to 10 capabilities to filter all recommended opportunities or a certain type of opportunities.
    • These enhancements align the capabilities of Opportunity Marketplace in SAP SuccessFactors and the SAP SuccessFactors Mobile app.

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