Pablo Stuardo

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Pablo has about a decade of experience implementing and supporting HR technologies, mostly focused on SAP SuccessFactors across all modules; professionally certified in many of them. In addition, he is a certified PMP-project manager, and has led some of the biggest and more complex HRIS transformations globally. He also has a master’s degree in HR from Columbia University. Pablo served as a Manager at EY advisory services, as well as was the global solution architect for HR technology at McKinsey & Company in an internal capacity, so he also understands what it takes to live, support, and maintain HR tech infrastructure post implementation. Although Pablo is very technical and still “touches” the system daily, he has strong business acumen and executive presence. In addition, he has lots of experience around process improvement across different sub-functions of HR. He knows the technology, but can also tell you about the reasoning behind a particular process or a particular design while always keeping the change aspect and user adoption/experience at the center. On the personal side, he is based currently in Atlanta, GA in the United States, although originally from Chile. He has lived and worked in 3 different continents, so he brings a true world view (native in Spanish). He also has a bachelor’s in computer information systems and another one in finance and has published two books about SuccessFactors. He has over 60 LinkedIn posts relevant to the industry, was the top author on both official SuccessFactors community for quite some time, and has spoken in multiple conferences. Pablo has been a consultant, a client, and a user, so he truly brings a holistic point of view.

Work Experience

Founder - Optimum Instance Solution Architect - McKinsey & Company Manager, Advisory Services - EY Solution Architect - Whitaker-Taylor

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