What Is SAP Universal ID? 

What Is SAP Universal ID? 

SAP Users Log In Using One Account

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SAP Universal ID is a unified account across SAP that enables users to log on to SAP systems using one account. It links all existing SAP legacy accounts and easily allows users to switch between them.  

What are the benefits of SAP Universal ID? 

The benefits of SAP Universal ID include: 

Users take control of their personal SAP identity: They own their SAP identity, including personal content such as training and certifications, blog posts, and preferences.  

Users manage existing SAP accounts in one universal account: SAP Universal ID Account Manager provides users a single-entry point to view, update, and manage personal information, security settings, and other information. 

One ID can be used across platforms and devices: SAP Universal ID offers a single logon to access all SAP platforms, so there’s no need to log in and out of accounts repeatedly. 

Improved account security and compliance: Governance rules are in place to restrict account sharing and enhance overall security. Account creation initiates a secure verification process to verify email ownership. The use of unique email addresses is enforced for all SAP Universal IDs. 

Reduced cost of ownership: Harmonized processes and strengthening governance help reduce the cost of authenticating users and deliver business value for all our customers and partners around the world. 

Passwordless logon capabilities: SAP Universal ID offers passwordless authentication options to allow organizations to connect with identity providers for single sign-on using trusted credentials. The first SAP initiative in this area was to team with Hanko to develop biometric-based passwordless authentication for SAP Universal ID. “If you are putting all of your eggs in one basket, you want to make sure that the basket is really secure,” Felix Magedanz, founder and CEO of Hanko, told SAPinsider. “This is a perfect opportunity to deploy passwordless technology that is also multifactor capable,” he added. 

Expanded multifactor authentication (MFA) capabilities: MFA provides an additional level of security by requiring several factors — passwords, tokens, one-time codes, etc. — for user authentication. The harmonization of MFA as part of SAP Universal ID ensures that users do not need different MFA settings for each site they access. 

The Future of SAP Universal ID 

SAP Universal ID currently supports more than 500 SAP sites, including SAP.com, SAP for Me, SAP Community, SAP ONE Support Launchpad, SAP Support Portal, and SAP PartnerEdge. It is gradually being expanded to include all SAP sites. 

SAP Universal ID works on Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Edge browsers, as well as the latest versions of iOS and Android operating systems for smartphones and tablets.   

Michael Braun, IT Chief Product Owner of Identity and User Management at SAP, told SAPinsider that “SAP Universal ID puts the user in control by linking all of the existing company associations and being able to switch between them as needed.” 

SAP plans to roll out additional capabilities for SAP Universal ID, including a broader multifactor authentication capability to improve account security. According to Braun, the company also plans to deploy federated single sign-on capabilities so that customer identity providers can be supported across the SAP landscape.   

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