VMware Simplifies Confidential Computing with Industry Partners, Boosts Adoption

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Key Takeaways

⇨ VMware partners with AMD, Samsung, and the RISC-V Keystone community to streamline the development of confidential computing applications

⇨ Confidential computing ensures program and data integrity in cloud and infrastructure environments operated by third parties

⇨ The Certifier Framework by VMware simplifies the creation of secure cloud workloads, secret-keeping services, and privacy-preserving applications

VMware, a leading provider of multi-cloud services, announced a collaboration with AMD, Samsung, and members of the RISC-V Keystone community. The goal of these partnerships is to simplify development and operations of confidential computing applications.

Confidential computing is a new concept relying on trusted execution environments, to ensure confidentiality and integrity of programs and data, including those deployed in cloud or infrastructure environments operated by third parties. Standardizing security protections through confidential computing has become more important, especially in the context of multi-cloud deployments and emerging workloads like machine learning, where safeguarding intellectual property and proprietary data is vital. Enter the Certifier Framework, developed by VMware, simplifies development of secure cloud workloads, secret-keeping services, and privacy-preserving applications. The framework enhances workload security across various infrastructure types, including telco edge, multi-cloud environments, and sovereign clouds by enabling the specification and enforcement of trust policies.

VMware, AMD, and Samsung will contribute to the open-source Certifier Framework for Confidential Computing project to create an accessible and user-friendly platform-independent API for the creation and operation of confidential computing applications. The company, its partners, and community contributors will establish developer APIs to standardize the adoption of confidential computing in the x86, Arm, and RISC-V ecosystems.

The Certifier Framework capabilities were showcased at the Confidential Computing Summit 2023 and presented demos that illustrated client/cloud confidential computing in real-world machine learning use cases. These demonstrations highlighted the universal trust management of client-cloud interactions across different trusted execution environments, including AMD Secure Encrypted Virtualization-Secure Nested Paging (SEV-SNP), SGX, CCA, and RISC-V.

By collaborating with industry leaders and community contributors, VMware is demonstrating its commitment to driving innovation and facilitating the adoption of confidential computing via a partnership that aims to create a standardized and accessible solution to benefit the entire industry.




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