SAPinsider Vegas 2023 – 5 Reasons You Should Attend This Event

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Key Takeaways

⇨ SAPinsider Vegas 2023 attendees travel from across the globe to meet together in Las Vegas for the best and most comprehensive learnings.

⇨ With over 200 sessions in 9 topics areas including breakouts, case studies, hands-on labs, and preconference workshops, attendees will get insights to prepare for the future.

⇨ Our i20 sessions are 20-minute overviews and demos of products and solutions from specific partners and offer discussion opportunities afterward.

At SAPinsider, we are thrilled about our upcoming Vegas 2023 event in March. As we perfect our content and finalize the speakers and logistics for the event, we are also preparing to welcome a few thousand of our SAPinsider members and partners for a unique, inspiring, and rewarding learning experience.

Covid, the economy, too busy… these are the typical excuses we have piled up over the last few years that have dissuaded most of us from attending live events and conferences. But the truth is that live events offer real opportunities to think out-of-the box, give the motivation to think beyond the day-to-day toil, and encourage us to approach a new problem, issue, project, or challenge in an innovative way. And this is critical not just for our own personal and professional development, but also for businesses that need to maintain competitive advantage.

Here are a few reasons why you need to put an SAPinsider event and other live events on your list of priorities, and some tips for getting the most out of your experience.

Shift your perspective from the day-to-day: Consuming content from webinars, articles, case studies, and so on only provides transient knowledge. You might pick up a few ideas here and there, but they will not really prompt you to think differently about the projects or challenges you are facing. At live events, inspiration lurks at every corner. That lightning bolt may hit you during a keynote, a lab session, in that bump-in with an expert or customer at the elevator, or even in the line to get a cup of coffee. It is out there and waiting for you.

Tip. Bring a notebook and carry it with you. Write down the ideas, inspirations, and contacts you make during the event.

Get a nuanced, 360-degree view of issues, trends, and projects: SAPinsider approaches the key SAP topics from three perspectives. Our analyst- and thought-leadership-led sessions will discuss the latest trends and researches and provide insights on SAP S/4HANA deployments, the move to cloud, analytics, automation, and more. Our case studies and solution overviews will provide insights on why and how customers chose the solutions and paths they did to solve their specific challenges. Finally, our labs, best practices, and tips and tricks sessions will provide the practical guidance on solving specific challenges around optimizing business processes and getting the most out of your investments from SAP solutions and technologies.

Tip: Download the SAPinsider mobile app early. Look through the sessions on your way to Las Vegas, and be prepared to ask questions from our experts and event staff.

Today’s outlier topics will be trending tomorrow. Our keynotes and future-focused panels and sessions will inspire you to look at the emerging technologies and strategies. These will enable you to accelerate your business and technology roadmaps. Our “Women in Tech” keynote will feature inspiring women leaders from leading companies such as Revlon and Pepsi who will discuss strategies to uplevel DEI initiatives in organizations. And because human-tech integration is the catalyst for any successful business, our executive roundtables and the Day 3 keynote (by Chang-Hyun Ko, Director of Performance, Team Liquid) will explore and render unique perspectives from the gaming industry on how to optimize business and team performance.

Tip: Make sure to attend the keynotes that will kick off the event every morning for four days. This is a great way to start the experience and engaging in sessions that will discuss novel approaches to specific challenges. If you are feeling uncertain about new topics or themes, make sure to attend the pre-conference day. It is part of your attendance and will enable you to understand the session topics and absorb the key takeaways from attending the sessions.

The solution soup is only getting thicker, and you need some solid tools and knowledge to navigate this path. BTP, Cloud, SAC, AI, ML, Automation, Hyperscalers. The alphabet soup of solutions, technologies, and services is dramatically expanding. How do you choose the right mix of offerings to support your project priorities? Self-education can be your superpower if you choose to embrace it. We will bring together the top SAP partners from the major technology and business cohorts under one roof. It is a great time to ask for demos, challenge specific vendors, and expand your horizon on those organizations that can help you extend the value of SAP at your organization.

Tip: Access our partners and exhibitors list here and solution and service descriptions on our mobile app. Go through the sessions to take advantage of our i20 sessions. These are 20-minute overviews and demos of products and solutions from specific partners and offer discussion opportunities afterward.

Connections make the world go round and help you solve your most pressing challenges. Most SAPinsider event attendees want specific support or answers on particular topics, technologies, or projects. While our sessions and lectures offer impeccable context and best practices, your informal meetings will be the treasure houses of knowledge and learning—whether it’s during “ask the expert” sessions or in the halls following a session. Make the most of your connections and network. Thousands of experts will be descending on Las Vegas in March. This is a unique opportunity to tap into their expertise and knowledge for guidance on a myriad of topics and lessons. Expand your contact list and take advantage of the experiences and perspectives of your peers.

Tip: Leverage the SAPinsider mobile app to establish networks and connect with event attendees and the SAPinsider community. Set up meetings with potential experts and customers who can help you in your endeavors. Also drop by the SAPinsider Pavilion.

Key Takeaways for SAPinsider Event Rookies

We love our SAPinsider event newbies. If you are a rookie to the SAPinsider experience, here are a few tips for you to get the most out of your event experience.

  • Attend our event orientation session. The event orientation session is held on Day 1, before the keynote, and on pre-conference day. It is driven by the program/event planners and content organizers. They will educate you with the basics of how to navigate the sessions and will provide information about the exhibit hall location, downloading the mobile app, and how to optimize the networking opportunities. It is a great way to get the lay of the land.
  • Download our mobile app: This is the ultimate guide to your event experience. The app has the complete schedule, a map of the exhibitor floor, information about the sessions, and networking areas for making connections with fellow attendees. Take advantage of this resource and share it with other team members who are planning on joining us.
  • Engage with our conference content and editorial team: Our full event staff, conference producers, editorial teams, and research analysts will be there to support and make your event experience as valuable as it can be. Look for the ones wearing blue shirts and don’t be afraid to ask questions or set up some time to get support for your agenda.
  • Give us your feedback: At SAPinsider, we are always striving to up our game and deliver experiences that add value to members or our community. The only way we get better is when we hear from you directly about what you like and didn’t like about your event experience. So please fill out those evaluations and, better yet, talk to our staff about what we can do to improve.

For complete information on our upcoming SAPinsider event, visit us here.

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