SAPinsider Executive Magazine | 2021 | Issue 4

SAPinsider Executive Magazine | 2021 | Issue 4

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SAP S/4HANA and the cloud are clearly on technology executives’ agendas. According to SAPinsider’s latest research surveying our executive community, a move to SAP S/4HANA and moving infrastructure to the cloud were rated among the top four ways executives are driving their initiatives. Customer stories in this edition of SAPinsider’s Executive Issue make one thing clear: If companies aren’t there already, they’re moving in this direction.

This issue’s cover story explores how Casa dos Ventos Energias Renovaveis (Casa dos Ventos), a pioneer in Brazil’s renewable energy market, is expanding the company’s operations to become one of the largest energy generators in Brazil. To get there, the company’s CIO Roberto Oikawa is focused on digitizing the energy sale.

His first step was to change the culture of the company’s IT enterprise. And second, Casa dos Ventos needed a partner and IT infrastructure that allows the company to perform machine learning and artificial intelligence studies with the flexibility and agility that the business requires. Read the full story and learn how Oikawa is helping Brazil predict the wind.

Also Inside

Research on Transformation — Top strategies (p3), top drivers (p 22), and the 3 most critical skill sets (p 42).
Hybrid Future — How to prepare (p 4) and important cloud decisions (p 38).
SAP Customer Profiles — Canadian Blood Services (p 24), GraceKennedy Ltd. (p 14), Pacific Coast Companies, Inc. (p 32).

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