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DataXstream has been in the SAP business for 25 years with operations in North and South America and EMEA. An SAP Gold Partner, Endorsed App Partner and 2020 Pinnacle Award winner, DataXstream produces SAP certified solutions with the mission of helping our customers be more successful. DataXstream builds solutions leveraging it’s extensive experience with SAP ERP and incorporates emerging technologies like SAP BTP – Business Technology and SAP DI – Data Intelligence machine learning to create a competitive advantage for our customers. We achieve measurable, tangible results from our products and dedicated team and create great customer outcomes.

Featured Products

  • IA

    IA is the Intelligent Automation Suite by DataXstream. IA automates sales processes for increased efficiency and improved accuracy with scalability. IA uses your ERP data to find material, customer, inventory and other supply chain data to automatically generate orders, quotes, reports and additional documents. IA uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide time saving, cost saving results for your customers.

  • OMS+ product logo image


    OMS+ is an SAP Endorsed App that is premium certified for S/4HANA and RISE and available on the SAP Store. OMS+ extends S/4HANA to help customers sell better and is specifically designed for counter, mobile and sales associate or customer service representative driven transactions.

Featured Content

  • What is OMS+? Solution Brief

    This solution brief offers an introduction to the OMS+ Solution. OMS+ is an SAP certified cross-channel order management solution that provides a consumer grade user experience to streamline sales processes. Transform Sales, Increase Revenue, Reduce Costs

  • How Wholesalers Are Benefitting from DataXstream OMS+

    This brief article from Futurum Research highlighs challenges the wholesale industry faces in changing markets and discusses OMS+ role in helping businesses address these challenges.

Multimedia Center

  • OMS+ia

    OMS+ia is OMS+ with the ia bundle. ia is intelligent automation by DataXstream. The ia bundle utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to search your ERP data and find material, customer, inventory and other relevant data to automatically generate orders, quotes, reports and additional sales documents for your CSR. Save time, improve accuracy, win the deal with intelligent automation for OMS+.

  • IA by DataXstream featuring intelligent Order Creation (iOC)

    DataXstream IA is the intelligent Automation suite offered to improve your sales processes. iOC leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to search your ERP data to find material, customer, inventory and additional relevant data to automatically generate orders for your customer service or sales represenatives. iOC can greatly reduce the time to complete the task while improving accuracy and efficiency thereby enabling your CSR to spend less time on manual tasks and more time assisting customers.

Articles / Case Studies / Videos

  • Wholesale and Distribution image

    How Wholesale and Distribution is Using Available Technologies to Win in the Current Market

    The Wholesale Distribution Industry has been facing pressure from a changing marketplace due in part to mass-market retailers. Recent events and disruptions increase this pressure. With Retail pushing into the wholesale market space, customers expect B2B transactions to mimic their personal consumer transactions. The need for visibility into inventory or source alternatives is increasingly important.…
  • The Future of Wholesale Distribution a podcast with Dan Newman, Tim Yates & Magnus Meier

    Reading time: 1 min

    Futurum Tech Webcast – Interview Series featured an interview with DataXstream CEO Tim Yates and SAP Global Head of Wholesale Distribution Magnus Meier. DataXstream is an SAP partner that builds solutions to help customers maximize the effectiveness of their ERP infrastructure in order to get the most out of their SAP investments.
  • OMS+ Featurette, 360 Customer View

    Reading time: 1 min

    A short video to show visibility to customer history on one screen. With OMS+ Customer Service Representatives and Sales Associates have access to important customer information on one screen, customizable to your industry needs.
  • OMS+ Featurette, Cross Plant Sourcing

    Reading time: 1 min

    A short video to show OMS+ cross-plant sourcing feature. This feature enables the user to have increased visibility and sales agility by providing a graphical based overview of inventory for all plants and items in the order. Cross-plant sourcing improves inventory overages and directly improves sales revenue.