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DataXstream has been in the SAP business for 25 years with operations in North and South America and EMEA. An SAP Gold Partner, Endorsed App Partner and 2020 Pinnacle Award winner, DataXstream produces SAP certified solutions with the mission of helping our customers be more successful. DataXstream builds solutions leveraging it’s extensive experience with SAP ERP and incorporates emerging technologies like SAP BTP – Business Technology and SAP DI – Data Intelligence machine learning to create a competitive advantage for our customers. We achieve measurable, tangible results from our products and dedicated team and create great customer outcomes.

Featured Solutions

  • OMS+IA

    IA is the Intelligent Automation Suite by DataXstream. IA automates sales processes for increased efficiency and improved accuracy with scalability. IA uses your ERP data to find material, customer, inventory and other supply chain data to automatically generate orders, quotes, reports and additional documents. IA uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide time saving, cost saving results for your customers.

  • OMS+

    OMS+ is an SAP Endorsed App that is premium certified for S/4HANA and RISE and available on the SAP Store. OMS+ extends S/4HANA to help customers sell better and is specifically designed for counter, mobile and sales associate or customer service representative driven transactions.

Featured Content

  • OMS+Portal

    OMS+ Portal, a self-service feature that enables a better customer experience, offering customers access and visibility to their information at any stage of the order process. Transform your customer service operations and enhance your bottom line with OMS+ Portal.

  • 3 Key Ways Distributors Can Boost Productivity, MDM | DataXstream

    Our whitepaper, “3 Key Ways Distributors Can Boost Productivity,” is your definitive guide to not just identifying areas for enhancement but also executing transformative changes with finesse.

Multimedia Center

  • OMS+ Cut Calculator

    Cut Calculator is a unique feature within OMS+ that manages cut lengths from a large spool allowing full visibility to all available inventory; including full, partial, and remaining lengths. Find out how this feature can help increase ROI for your company.

  • OMS+ Material Creation on the fly and External Catalog Integration

    xternal catalogs may be leveraged to sell customers non-stock items or stock items that may not currently be available in your inventory. See how DataXstream OMS+ can help you leverage your existing SAP data to better run your sales processes.

Articles / Case Studies / Videos


    Dataxstream Encourages SAP Users to Start AI Journey by Cleaning up their Data

    Reading time: 2 mins

    DataXstream recently sponsored the NAW Webinar and discussed the importance of starting your AI journey right with clean data.

  • SAP Applications

    DataXstream Expands into EMEA and Announces New President

    Reading time: 2 mins

    Williamsburg, Virginia – June 6, 2024 – DataXstream LLC, an SAP® Endorsed app and Gold-level partner, announces its European expansion by opening an EMEA office in Barcelona, Spain. Veteran executive Jean-Jérôme (JJ) Peytavi has been appointed as President of DataXstream EMEA. With extensive experience in global business, Peytavi will collaborate with regional partners and SAP…

  • To Build or Buy? That is the Question / DataXstream

    Reading time: 1 mins

    Twenty years ago, standard practice for businesses was to address needs with a custom-built solution. Large groups of specialty consultants would work with the business to create solutions designed just for them. Today businesses have the opportunity to look to SAP Certified Solutions like those in the SAP Store. This whitepaper “To Build or Buy?”…

  • OMS+ Rental Management

    The OMS+ Rental Management is designed to streamline asset management for rental businesses. Built on SAP BTP’s back end, OMS+ extends its order management capabilities to include all the details required to rent assets and manage them end-to-end. Businesses can create and manage multiple rental contracts for different customers, all in one convenient location. Our…

  • How Technology is Changing the Role of the CFO

    Changing Role of the CFO Over the years, the general role of the CFO has changed with the evolution of technology.  And CFOs within the distribution industry are no exception.  In a 2019 episode of the Inside the Strategy Room podcast, Kapil Chandra, a Senior Partner in McKinsey and Company’s London office, spoke to the…

  • How Technology and AI are Bridging the Labor Gap in Distribution

    2023 Labor Shortages Since the pandemic’s start three years ago, the United States has suffered a steep decline in members of the workforce.  As of December 2022, Fed chair, Jay Powell, estimated a labor force shortfall of 3.5 million people compared to the Congressional Budget Office’s pre-pandemic forecast of growth.  This participation dropped during the…

  • DataXstream OMS+ Use Cases & Application: Counter Sales

    OMS+ Use Cases: Counter Sales Up until recently, The Tile Shop was still tracking its’ customers in binders and doing manual follow ups.  Eventually the specialty retailer of man-made and stone tiles found it hard to determine the number of customers it was losing compared to gaining.  With customers in 143 stores across 31 states,…

  • The Tileshop – A DataXstream customer story

    DataXstream specializes in accelerating the entire organization’s sales needs through effective order management system and supporting better customer service through increased visibility to the customer history and product availability. Hear directly from The Tile shop CIO on how DataXstream’s OMS+ solution provided them with the tools needed to have greater insight into their day-to-day business....…

  • Pacific Coast Supply Customer Story

    Pacific Coast Supply, Headquartered in North Highlands, CA is a building material distributor that services professional contractors and subcontractors. Through streamlined design and ongoing configuration controls, which allow you to adjust to changing needs, OMS+ allowed Pacific Coast Supply to start their moderation journey and increase total experience.

  • Track Rental Capabilities End-to-End in Complex Sales Scenarios

    This is the ability within OMS+ to be able to track rental equipment. OMS+ would have the ability to create a contract, bill a contract, complete an inspection checklist, as well as have the ability to easily switch rental units in the same agreement. It would also have paperless delivery functionality to allow for e-signature…

  • Tile Shop Customer Story

    Nick Masserella of Ultra Finishing (now Roxor Group) tells the story of how SAP and OMS+ have helped his company to gain efficiencies, achieve higher sales, and ehance customer experience. ROI numbers that have been reported as a result of implementing OMS+ include: 40% increase with order input speed and accuracy 50% reduction on In…

  • Industrial Supply Magazine Feature: Tim Yates, CEO, DataXstream

    Order automation solutions that eliminate or reduce human intervention on repetitive, mundane tasks, can help distributors lower their costs while enhancing work output. Industrial Supply magazine reached out to a few companies that provide sales order automation solutions to find out how such technologies can benefit distributor. Here’s what they had to say.

  • Futurum Feature: Why AI-Powered Tech is Changing the Game for Wholesale Distributors

    Join Futurum’s On-demand Webinar featuring DataXstream’s Kathleen Taggert on her insights on Intelligent Automation’s role in a changing market.

  • Customers Want a Better Experience. Enter: Unified Commerce

    Reading time: 1 min

    This research paper by Dean Mueller at Distribution Strategy Group is a result of multiple conversations with distributors, DataXstream’s OMS+ customers, and analysts to understand market trends, where the market is heading and how to future-proof sales processes. What is Omnichannel? What is Unified Commerce and how do these elements effect distributors, their customers, and…

  • The Role of Digital Transformation in Unified Commerce

    Reading time: 3 mins

    Digital Transformation is universally understood to be beneficial to business operations and sales channel systems alike. Legacy modernization is key in transitioning to the shift in the digital world, running a digital transformation initiative concurrently with a unified commerce infrastructure is the best way to maximize results from sales channels and technical capabilities. Economics and…

  • Improve your Employee Experience, Improve your Bottom Line

    Reading time: 4 mins

    The past year has seen historic levels of job churn. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 4.3 million people in this country quit their jobs in December 2021, which was slightly less than the 4.5 million that quit in November 2021. The bottom line is that employee recruitment and retention are major concerns…

  • Customer experience

    King Arthur Baking Company Enhances its Omnichannel Strategy with DataXstreams’s OMS+

    Reading time: 2 mins

    King Arthur Baking Company, a 100% employee-owned ESOP and omnichannel seller of baking goods, has purchased DataXstream’s OMS+ solution to enable expansion into new markets and diversify their sales channels. DataXstream, an SAP solution specialist, primarily focuses on sales and distribution order management. Their product, OMS+, is an SAP-endorsed application that is engineered to support…

  • DataXstream Partners with Pearl Group for Transforming Sales Process Management

    Reading time: 1 mins

    DataXstream has partnered with Pearl Group, one of the Nordic region’s leading providers of ERP, Insight, Cloud Services and advanced marketing and e-commerce solutions. The partnership is set to support organizations in modernizing and streamlining their sales process management across sales channels with DataXstream’s application, OMS+. In accordance with SAP’s digital transformation roadmap, both DataXstream…

  • Unified Commerce: Paving the way for future growth

    Reading time: 2 mins

    In a market where supply chain incontinences and staff shortages are commonplace, customers have become accustomed to waiting, but that shouldn’t be the default practice. Your customers deserve more and deserve better. Using unified commerce, you can show your customers there is more to the sales experience than back-ordered products due to a lack of…