Cognizant and Microsoft Revolutionize Business Operations with AI and Sustainable Practices

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⇨ Cognizant and Microsoft's expanded collaboration drives advanced solutions for business transformation, leveraging their long-standing partnership

⇨ The Cognizant Microsoft Business Group specializes in end-to-end Microsoft-centric cloud solutions, prioritizing innovation and maximizing business outcomes.

⇨ The collaboration focuses on healthcare transformation and delivering a digital health solution for enhanced remote patient monitoring

Cognizant, a leading global technology partner, has teamed up with Microsoft to revolutionize business operations in the AI era. The partnership between the two companies, which began in 2002, has yielded numerous technological advancements.

The Cognizant Microsoft Business Group specializes in comprehensive Microsoft-centric cloud solutions that prioritize innovation and drive optimal business outcomes. Their latest venture, the Cognizant Sustainability Accelerator, powered by Microsoft Cloud, equips enterprises with precise data to track their sustainability objectives.

By combining Cognizant’s proficiency in IoT and data analytics with Microsoft’s cutting-edge cloud capabilities, they can offer a foundation for sustainable practices across industries.

Expanding their Microsoft Center of Excellence in AI, 5G, Azure, and other groundbreaking technologies, Cognizant is elevating its proficiency in architecture, technology leadership, and value delivery. Their strategic objective is to drive innovative technologies in all sectors.

The significance of collaboration in healthcare transformation cannot be overstated. Notable accomplishments include the development of an integration roadmap for TriZetto healthcare products and Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, streamlining healthcare operations and enhancing patient care. They have also played an important role in expanding resources for Nuance Communications’ Dragon Ambient eXperience (DAX), an advanced conversational AI platform.

Cognizant has also successfully implemented a digital health solution that enhances remote patient monitoring resulting in improved medical care. Leveraging the capabilities of Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, this solution combines remote patient monitoring with virtual health, utilizing devices such as smartwatches to collect and share vital patient health data with healthcare providers.

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