Hari Sonnenahalli

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Hari Sonnenahalli is an SAP Solution Architect at NIMBL. He possesses over 10+ years of integration experience. He is involved multiple Efficiency, Sustainability and innovation projects which involves different technologies, landscapes, and modules in both SAP and Non-SAP. He has architected, designed, and integrated both cloud and on-prem SAP solutions. Hari is a blogger and speaker who has contributed to the SAP communities at a technical level and as a subject matter expert in integration space. As a middleware solution architect, Hari understands SAP cross-functionality landscape, including SAP MM, SAP FI/CO, SAP PP and SAP MDM These technologies integrate with SAP process integration (PI) to support business transactions for both customers and vendors. Hari has a diverse background working with multiple companies in various industries. Hari has worked in the S4 implementation projects in which has lead integration strategies. Hari earned his MS in Bioinformatics from the University of Sciences in Philadelphia and resides in Denver CO, with his wife and two wonderful kids. You can also find his writings SAP mmunity @ https://people.sap.com/harikrishnadhar.sonnenahalli  fsfaf Connect with Hari Sonnenahalli on Linkedin

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