An open letter from Jamie Bedard, New President and CEO of Wellesley Information Services

An open letter from Jamie Bedard, New President and CEO of Wellesley Information Services

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I want to introduce myself as the new President and CEO of Wellesley Information Services (WIS), which is also the owner/operator of SAPinsider and several other end user communities. As you may have read in a recent press release, JAZ’D! Advisors Investment Corporation has acquired 100% of WIS with a significant investment earmarked to spur long-term growth and innovation. Whether you read SAPinsider articles, case studies, or blogs, attend our webinars or Q&A sessions, join us in-person for local events, or annual ones across the globe, thank you. Your participation is the lifeblood of everything we want to accomplish. You are the “Insiders”, and I want you to know that WIS will make significant investments to grow, engage, and lead the “Insider” community across the spectrum of business and technology over the months ahead.

We are just getting started. WIS will further establish its voice as the Chief Insider in the marketplace with a deep investment agenda into research, content and publications, and membership development programs. Our goal is ambitious: to create the largest active, and most highly-regarded business and technology membership community in the world for Insiders like you.

If you work with SAPinsider on marketing services programs to engage with our community of Insiders, I want you to know that WIS will be relentless in its pursuit of creating meaningful, face-to-face and digital experiences, in-depth research, and actionable intelligence that helps everyone – Insiders, services, and solution providers alike – make better business decisions.

In the weeks ahead, you will see creative, new ideas coming from WIS. We are excited to share them with you, and we would be honored if you would lean in. We want to hear your honest feedback, your ideas, and your recommendations so we can create world-class content and meaningful connections.

Together, we can do remarkable things and make each other better. I look forward to our journey ahead.


Jamie Bedard
President & CEO
Wellesley Information Services

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