SAPinsider Technology Executive Forum: 2022 CIO Agenda

SAPinsider Technology Executive Forum: 2022 CIO Agenda

Learn from Leading CIOs about their 2022 Priorities

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In this kickoff event of 2022, the SAPinsider Technology Executive Forum brings some of the leading CIOs in our community together to take stock of 2021 and discuss their core objectives for 2022. Riz Ahmed, SAPinsider Chief Research and Content Officer, interviews Marty Menard, CIO of Pacific Coast Companies, Inc., and Alan Yang, Vice President and Interim CIO at MSC Industrial Supply Co., about their experiences with SAP and their priorities for 2022.

Menard discusses his company’s move from a legacy version of SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA and some of the lessons learned along the journey. The building products company removed 56% of its customization from its legacy ERP to prepare the way for SAP S/4HANA. A recent surge in acquisitions distracted the company from the migration, but “2022 is the year when we get back on track,” he relates.

Yang notes that MSC Industrial, a value-add industrial distributor, is pivoting to become “mission-critical on the shop floor” and embracing Industry 4.0. “Our partnership with SAP has been a large part of our recent journey over these past 10 years, especially as it relates to our transition to the cloud,” he says.

Watch this video to:

  • Learn how these leaders are managing hybrid work environments and evolving their organizations to support a rapidly changing IT and business landscape.
  • Find out where key projects delivered value, which ones faltered, and why.
  • Gain knowledge from these CIOs to fine tune your 2022 SAP strategy.

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