Your Journey to SAP Cloud Certification

Your Journey to SAP Cloud Certification

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SAP is moving forward with a “cloud-first” approach, and with this, they need to ensure a skilled population of business users and consultants are ready for this leap. Cloud solutions require SAP customers and consultants to contain an enhanced skillset based on a continuous learning mindset to keep pace with software that changes frequently. The classic skills learned from ECC implementations remain relevant, but additional learning is required to facilitate a successful go-live on a cloud-based solution.

SAP’s cloud certification is an accreditation of excellence to validate one’s knowledge in a specific module. This Q&A will help you map your personal cloud learning journey and increase your chances of successfully receiving certification. You will learn:
- The ways that SAP cloud certification differs from certifications offered in the past and why it matters to the SAP community’
- How cloud certification will help you better prepare for your projects; and
- Where to start and how to prepare for the certification exam.

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Meet the Experts

  • Arturo Pinazo

    Arturo Pinazo

    SAP S/4 HANA Cloud certified FICO Consultant,
    delaware United Kingdom

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