Video – SAP Workloads in the Cloud: Opportunities and Risks

Video – SAP Workloads in the Cloud: Opportunities and Risks

When it comes to SAP workloads in the cloud, knowing the route of cloud technology your organization is heading toward, whether public or private cloud, or a hybrid approach, is foundational to reaping its rewards. For example, the cloud offers opportunities to test ideas more easily and cost-effectively. With 95 or 98 percent of SAP customers using the cloud for their SAP workloads, this offers opportunities to innovate.

However, the aim of innovation must be balanced with an understanding of risks and security threats. Additionally, while artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and predictive technologies take up a larger pie of the cloud conversation, discussions about the cloud journey still typically must revolve around costs, technical infrastructure, and the potential for delays.

SAP customers want to know how the cloud can address the unique problems associated with SAP environments. SAP customers are also concerned about addressing enterprise, regulatory, and compliance risks and threats, and their impact on business continuity and strategic business objectives.

SAPinsider's Chief Research Officer Riz Ahmed recently sat down with John Livingood and Don Loden, both managing directors at Protiviti, to discuss how SAP customers can take advantage of the cloud and understand the important role of governance in any cloud journey.

Watch the video to:
- Understand what SAP customers are responsible for versus typical vendor responsibilities.
- Improve your understanding of the importance of understanding your security landscape to establish proper targets as it relates to risks and threats.
- Learn how to accelerate the process of getting people used to the cloud and the changes it will ignite in an organization through change management.
- Know how to balance opportunities and risks whether you’re using a public or private cloud, or a hybrid approach.

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