Webinar CIO Australia: Overcoming barriers to application modernisation with SAP

Key Takeaways

⇨ Enterprise applications are now a strategic priority in the hyper-competitive digital landscape.

⇨ Learn from industry experts on identifying barriers and red flags in application modernization with SAP.

⇨ Explore how Ventia achieved successful transformation as a cloud-based, SAP-enabled business with DXC Technology's partnership.

Discover the critical insights to overcome barriers to application modernization with SAP in this on-demand webinar by CIO Australia and DXC Technology. Gain valuable knowledge from industry experts, including Alan Hesketh from Ecosystm, on identifying red flags and common challenges in application transformation initiatives. Learn how Ventia, a leading essential services company, partnered with DXC Technology to successfully transform into a cloud-based, SAP-enabled business, benefitting from a standardized enterprise platform connected to emerging technologies.

Register now to gain valuable insights from industry experts and real-world case studies on overcoming barriers to application modernization with SAP. Watch the on-demand webinar now and equip your organisation for future success!

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