Erik Mekelburg

Meet the Expert

As regional Vice President, Erik Mekelburg leads SAP’s customer success team, including customer engagement and sales vision, strategy and execution for large enterprise customers across 18 industries in the West region of SAP North America. In his nearly two decades at SAP and as part of its ecosystem, he served in roles across core software development, consulting services, practice leadership, and account management. He worked on SAP implementation projects with many large firms across industries and drives a vision of technology innovation and rapid value-based adoption within the customer community. Erik also leads the SAP webcast series Hot-Topics in Technology, focusing on the diffusion of general technology trends across the ecosystem. Erik holds an undergraduate degree in business from DHBW Ravensburg in Germany and an MBA from the University of Warwick in England. In his free time, Erik teaches applied data science at Portland State University and he conducts academic research in finance with a specific focus on behavioral finance effects on cryptocurrency returns at the University of Denver.

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