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  1. Understanding SAP Licensing Models

    Unlock the secrets of SAP licensing with ToggleNow’s insightful webinar, designed for both seasoned SAP veterans and newcomers alike. Dive into the nuances of SAP licensing models to streamline costs and ensure compliance in your organization’s SAP ecosystem. Discover the core concepts of Named User Licenses, Human Access Licenses, Digital Access Licenses, and Engine-Based Licensing…
  2. SAP IAG – What it is? 3 use-cases for SAP IAG implementation

    Welcome to ToggleNow’s webinar on SAP IAG, exploring its crucial role in modern business. Learn how it enhances security and discover real-world use cases. Whether you’re an IT pro or business leader, gain valuable insights into SAP IAG’s significance in today’s digital landscape. Additionally, if you’re transitioning to S/4 HANA Cloud, consider optimizing your licensing…
  3. Resilience in the Healthcare Sector

    Healthcare providers have a duty to support and care for their employees professionally, personally, and psychologically. Watch the webinar to find out how to make employee well-being part of your core business.
  4. Webinar CIO Australia: Overcoming barriers to application modernisation with SAP

    Overcome application modernization barriers with CIO Australia’s on-demand webinar featuring DXC Technology. Learn from experts and real-world case studies!
  5. Panel Discussion CIO Australia: How to take customer experience to the next level

    Hear how beverage giant Lion worked with DXC to implement new technologies and processes to put customer experience at the centre of their business and operations.
  6. Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness get ahead of the competition with cloud-based ERP

    Learn from Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness on their journey to SAP Cloud ERP and gain insights into how technology is transforming the sports and gaming sector.
  7. Christchurch City Council’s Transformation Journey to Empower Citizens and Streamline Processes

    Find out how Christchurch City Council is applying digital ways of working incorporating people, process, information and technology.
  8. Intelligent Enterprise Transformation with SAP S/4HANA and YASH

    Enterprises might be overspending on technology but still struggling with their legacy systems. Implementing SAP S/4HANA, an Intelligent ERP system, is the best choice as it accelerates digital transformation for enterprises and drives value across business units by improving processes, simplifying IT landscape and providing valuable insights. YASH Technologies, a leading SAP Gold Partner, offers…...…
  9. OMS+ Rental Management

    The OMS+ Rental Management is designed to streamline asset management for rental businesses. Built on SAP BTP’s back end, OMS+ extends its order management capabilities to include all the details required to rent assets and manage them end-to-end. Businesses can create and manage multiple rental contracts for different customers, all in one convenient location. Our…
  10. Bramasol – Make Sense of Your Data and Escape Digital Debt with Convergent Mediation from Digital Route & SAP

    With the rise of the Digital Solutions Economy (DSE), the seamless integration of end-to-end processes in the quote-to-cash cycle has never been more critical. A major challenge to achieving that goal is the often-disparate mix of legacy or specialized billing systems that need to feed into the rest of the DSE processes. SAP Convergent Mediation…...…