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SUSE is a global leader in innovative, reliable and enterprise-grade open source solutions, relied upon by more than 60% of the Fortune 500 to power their mission-critical workloads. We specialize in Business-critical Linux, Enterprise Container Management, and Edge solutions, and collaborate with partners and communities to empower our customers to innovate everywhere – from the data center, to the cloud, to the edge and beyond. For over 20 years, SAP and SUSE have delivered innovative business-critical solutions on open-source platforms, enabling organizations to improve operations, anticipate requirements, and become industry leaders. Today, the vast majority of SAP customers run their SAP and SAP S/4HANA environments on SUSE. SUSE is an SAP platinum partner offering the following Endorsed App to SAP software: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP applications. For more information, visit

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  • Scale with Containers image

    Scale with Containers

    Create applications providing business value and exceptional customer experiences with greater efficiency, increased portability and less overhead

  • Scale with Containers image

    Managing Hybrid Cloud

    Combine the unmatched flexibility of cloud with the control of running your data center

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  • Run SAP solutions on SUSE image

    Run SAP solutions on SUSE

    Unlock data intelligence and drive innovation with SUSE and SAP. The SAP-SUSE partnership is 20-years strong and has helped thousands of customers reach their potential. Simplify, Modernize, and Accelerate your business with SAP and SUSE.

  • Achieve continuous uptime of your SAP services video thumbnail

    Achieve continuous uptime of your SAP services

    “Goodbye to Downtime" and keep your SAP services up and running. Discover how SUSE can help you achieve up to 100% uptime in this video.

Articles / Case Studies / Videos

  • Resilience

    Building Resilience and Innovation

    Reading time: 6 mins

    Organizations today are facing a myriad of challenges. An uncertain macroeconomic climate, rising capital costs, a continued increase in global cybersecurity threats, supply chain issues, and skill shortages all impact their ability to innovate. These raise questions about the ability to ensure business continuity and understand where investment should occur and how to reduce costs…
  • Cloud Deployment of SAP S/4HANA

    Making the Right Platform Choice to Best Support Your Cloud Deployment of SAP S/4HANA

    Customers are embracing cloud deployment of SAP S/4HANA and it part of their infrastructure modernization process. As the development platform for SAP S/4HANA, SUSE’s thought leadership focuses on innovations to accelerate cloud migration, minimize downtime, and safeguard the SAP landscape. Making the right choice of platform is critical for operating your SAP environment in the…
  • Enterprise Cloud Deployment 2022

    Reading time: 1 mins

    This report tracks how organizations are moving SAP workloads to the cloud, the reasons they are doing so, and how they are measuring success
  • AI and Digital Strategy with SAP

    Questions to Help you Define your AI and Digital Strategy with SAP

    Reading time: 1 mins

    Do you struggle with defining your AI and Digital Strategy with SAP? Artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) are transforming the way in which modern enterprises are evolving today. As companies plan to leverage digital technologies into their enterprise, they begin to ask these three critical questions: How are companies engaging these solutions for a more intelligent enterprise?…
  • tech execs

    How Tech Executives are Leading Organizational and Technology Change – CIO Benchmark Research

    Reading time: 1 mins

    Change has come in many forms for business and tech execs across all industries. Geopolitical events, market forces, changing consumer behavior, and commodity price fluctuations have all put various pressures on decision makers. Add to the fact that technology is rapidly evolving and transitions to new solutions such as SAP S/4HANA and the Cloud have…
  • SAP Infrastructure

    SAP Infrastructure and Landscape Trends 2022

    Reading time: 1 mins

    This report tracks infrastructure and landscape changes in today’s SAP infrastructure and the factors behind them.
  • How Business Leaders are Scaling Platforms and Innovation

    Reading time: 1 mins

    How Business Leaders are Scaling Platforms and Innovation Businesses today are driven to innovate by the pressure to achieve real-time analysis and insights. In response to dynamic requirements from customers and a desire to be agile and future-ready, they are moving to the cloud, to software-as-a-service environments, and adopting new technologies such as SAP S/4HANA.…
  • SAP Infrastructure

    SAP Infrastructure and Landscape Trends

    Infrastructure is the foundation of your SAP landscape. Over the last ten years, this has changed significantly for SAP customers, with many moving from Unix platforms running third-party databases to Linux environments using SAP HANA. The shift to cloud-based infrastructure has sped up. While this has been underway for over a decade, organizations have sped…
  • SAP change management automation – Why? image

    On-Demand: How Leaders Manage Organizational and Technological Change on the Path to S/4HANA and the Cloud

    How Leaders Manage Organizational and Technological Change on the Path to SAP S/4HANA and the Cloud Change and transformation have become clichés in today’s discussion of business and technology challenges. Leaders have never had to manage such a mix of economic, market, and geopolitical pressures. This has forced executives to rapidly renovate their core infrastructure…

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  • Cloud Security

    Cloud Security Trends for SAP Customers

    In this on-demand webinar: The movement of enterprise workloads to the cloud continues to accelerate. Cloud environments, in one form or another, have been at the top of infrastructure choices for organizations over the last three years. This year, private cloud and public cloud environments were the top two infrastructure choices for organizations who are updating…
  • Collaboration Is Key to a Successful Migration

    Reading time: 8 mins

    SAPinsider spoke with Sherry Yu, Senior Director of SAP Success Architect at SUSE, a global leader in open-source solutions, about how SUSE helps accelerate SAP S/4HANA migration, as well as safeguard the SAP landscape once migration is complete. Many organizations have yet to begin their migration to SAP S/4HANA or are in the early stages…
  • Accelerate Your Transition to SAP S/4HANA in the Public Cloud

    Accelerate Your Transition to SAP S/4HANA in the Public Cloud

    Reading time: 1 min

    Webinar On-Demand: Migrating SAP S/4HANA to the public cloud enables business growth, higher productivity, and new avenues for innovation. But making the move with efficiency and agility takes a key requirement – the right platform and services.
  • Future-Proof Your SAP S/4HANA Cloud Migration

    Future-Proof Your SAP S/4HANA Cloud Migration

    Reading time: 1 min

    Webinar On-Demand: According to the latest SAPinsider research, the number of organizations leveraging the cloud as part of their SAP S/4HANA deployment is on the rise. And with most respondents (87%) indicating performance as a top requirement for their SAP S/4HANA initiative, it is imperative to implement performance measures as part of your cloud strategy.
  • 4-Step Roadmap Transition to SAP S4HANA in the Public Cloud

    4-Step Roadmap: Transition to SAP S/4HANA in the Public Cloud

    Reading time: 1 min

    SAP S/4HANA migration to the public cloud needs a platform. And a plan. Migrating SAP S/4HANA to the public cloud gives you the speed and flexibility you need, while lowering capital costs and boosting ROI. Get this 4-Step Roadmap to help plan an efficient transition.
  • 7 Reasons to Choose SUSE for SAP HANA

    Reading time: 1 min

    When you run your business operations on SAP HANA or S/4HANA, you want the platform that is trusted and deployed by SAP and is preferred by thousands of customers to unlock data intelligence and drive innovation.
  • Transitioning to SAP HANA on SUSE is the BEST Move

    Reading time: 1 min

    Realize the benefits of digital transformation by delivering a fast, reliable and secure platform uniquely designed and optimized for SAP environments.
  • Building a Highly Reliable SAP Infrastructure

    Reading time: 1 min

    SUSE solutions for SAP environments help you minimize the impact of system outages.  
  • Imagine Nonstop Productivity

    Reading time: 1 min

    Achieve continuous uptime of your SAP services
  • Running SAP Solutions — The Future is Open Source

    Reading time: 1 min

    To create time to focus on innovation and service delivery, look for an IT infrastructure partner that helps you run SAP solutions with reliability, simplicity and responsiveness to changing needs.
  • Discover Ways to Improve ROI for your SAP Applications

    Transforming Businesses with RISE with SAP on Microsoft Azure

    Reading time: 4 mins

    This article introduces RISE with SAP as comprehensive “business transformation as a service” offering from SAP and its strategic partners. It explains the benefits of RISE with SAP as well as its main components and the main phases of a RISE with SAP engagements. Finally, it outlines benefits of a RISE with SAP on Microsoft…