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Past/On-Demand Webinars

  1. CIO - Featured Image

    Webinar: The CIO’s Transformation Report Card 2023

    November 30, 2023

    Over 50% of tech leaders are prioritizing two transformation initiatives: business process automation, standardization, or redesign, and transitioning to SAP S/4HANA. This is according to SAPinsider’s CIO 2023 Transformation Report Card and represents a considerable growth compared to last year, with 17 and 22 percentage point increases. Tech leaders identified two main drivers of digital…
  2. intercompany operations

    Strategies for Success: SAP S/4HANA Summit Key Takeaways

    November 30, 2023

    The SAP S/4HANA Summit 2023 provided an immersive educational experience for SAP end-users to explore key topics and ideas on SAP S/4HANA finance, platform and technology. Whether you are just starting planning for the move to S/4HANA, speaking with consultants about change management or are in the weeds of data transfers, this event gave valuable…
  3. Why Your Approach to SAP Data Needs To Be Updated

    November 29, 2023

    For today’s SAP teams, data can be both an asset and a liability. Enterprises must protect sensitive information that is vulnerable to potential attacks but are also governed by privacy laws such as GDPR. At the same time, they need to ensure they provide fast, cost-efficient access to data for SAP-driven innovation. How is it…
  4. Discover How to Enhance and Protect Your SAP Investments

    November 28, 2023

    SAP customers today face many challenges in completing transformation and migration projects. Some of the most important involve how to free up ABAP resources to focus on value-add tasks for the business, how to ensure direct connections between SAP systems and other applications, and how to manage events in the IT landscape. In this webinar,…
  5. Lexmark’s Journey to Modern Accounting: Inking Success with BlackLine & SAP

    November 28, 2023

    Join us as we explore the transformative journey of Lexmark, a Top 20 GBS organization, as they harnessed the power of BlackLine to optimize revenue and reduce expenses. Lexmark accomplished this by establishing a global Plan-to-Report organization that supports key stakeholders, including the CFO and CAO. Explore how Lexmark mastered reconciliations and journals to efficiently…
  6. innovation

    Innovation in Enterprise Asset Management: Transformation in Action

    November 16, 2023

    World-class maintenance is not created overnight but many asset-intensive companies have yet to take much more than the first step. If they have, they are still climbing uphill. Through 21 years of working with large asset-intensive organizations Sigga Technologies has addressed these challenges first-hand. In developing the Sigga Maintenance Maturity Curve, Sigga shows how mature,…
  7. Bringing Your Digital Factory to Life: Driving Value with SAP Digital Manufacturing

    November 14, 2023

    Connected machines are only the first step in making the digital factory a reality. To capture real, lasting business value, companies need to collect and analyze process data produced by their plant machinery in real time.  Join us for a round table discussion as we uncover the path to transforming your manufacturing processes with SAP…
  8. Generative AI

    Unlock Business Potential: A Simplified Journey to Business Empowerment Through Generative AI

    November 09, 2023

    We will guide you through the basics of generative AI, large language models, and their integration with existing data. With the power of SAP and Google Cloud, learn how enterprises are realizing significant value through generative AI, for example driving a product pipeline that enhances performance while minimizing costs. Discover how the secure, responsible, and…
  9. finance transformation

    Finance Transformation for SAP S/4HANA

    November 09, 2023

    Processes across finance, procurement, and the management of master data can be super complicated. Many of customers know the pain of communication silos, technical debt, bad experiences, and resulting operational costs. ERP systems grew over the years to highly complex landscapes, that involve teams of experts just to keep the lights on – and innovation falls…
  10. Key 2024 Planning Considerations for SAP

    November 08, 2023

    2024 is just around the corner, and organizations running SAP systems need to start planning for what it will bring. In this webinar join David Lees, who previously led a SAP S/4HANA transformation at Procter & Gamble and has experience with enterprise SAP initiatives at multiple customers, in a lively discussion on what 2024 is…