Learn where HCM and Payroll organizations are with respect to companywide payroll function ownership, strategy development, and technology adoption. Examine all available payroll options, from on-premise SAP Payroll to Employee Central Payroll to outsourced models, to better understand functionality and what’s required to integrate them to other technology platforms. Explore how customers across on-premise and cloud payroll landscapes are addressing payroll processes and technology, where they are realizing value and how it impacts their overall HCM technology stack. Get tips and advice for improving payroll process efficiency, reporting, and compliance.


  1. SAP

    Reading time: 11 mins

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  2. Learn New Methods For Comparing Payroll Results and Improve Your Payroll Implementation Projects

    Reading time: 11 mins

    Get tips and ideas for how to perform a payroll parallel run. A payroll parallel run is the comparison of payroll results between a legacy payroll system and a new SAP payroll system that is being implemented. The results are compared line by line and wage type by wage type between the two systems. Key…...…
  3. A Lift-and-Shift SAP Payroll Implementation

    Reading time: 13 mins

    Sometimes employees need to move from one SAP payroll system to a different one due to a corporate buyout, merger, or reorganization. Often the existing terms and conditions are preserved, so effectively the old SAP payroll system has to be reimplemented in the new SAP system. I discuss some methods, shortcuts, and pitfalls learned from…...…
  4. Managing the Challenges of Payroll Application Maintenance

    Reading time: 16 mins

    Companies that implement SAP payroll also have to plan and execute a strategy for application maintenance of the payroll systems. When implementing it globally, they have even bigger challenges for keeping the payroll applications up to date with regulatory and other changes. Compared to other applications, payroll applications need higher maintenance and upkeep due to…...…
  5. Learn How to Process Wage Types in Personnel Calculation Rules Based on Payroll Periods

    Reading time: 9 mins

    You can use personnel calculation rules (PCRs) for automatic calculation of employee payments or deductions when the calculation rule for the wage type depends on the payroll period. See how you can call a payroll period in a PCR to process a wage type for a particular payroll period during a payroll run. You can…...…