Skills Are the Key to Unlocking the Employee Lifecycle

Skills Are the Key to Unlocking the Employee Lifecycle

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As a human resources leader, you’re working harder than ever, but still facing obstacles.

You’ve been able to find people, but not necessarily the right people. Your employees have expressed feelings of cultural isolation based on physical and/or organizational location. You’ve seen people quit who were excellent candidates for internal openings.

The challenge is clear. The solution is skills.

In this webinar on-demand you’ll hear:

  • How a mindset anchored on skills, rather than jobs, can result in better matches between employees and work
  • The way skills can democratize your workforce, reducing bias and leveling the playing field regardless of physical location or department
  • 5 specific steps HR leaders can take to move to skills-oriented practices at every point in the employee lifecycle

Come ready to hear about a holistic, skills-based approach to talent acquisition and talent management.

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