Human Capital Management

Content in this area will help HR, payroll, talent, and recruiting professionals understand how to get the most out of both SAP and SAP SuccessFactors technologies across core HR, payroll, time management, talent management, recruiting, and employee experience. This area will include content that helps HR organizations leverage the latest HCM and HXM technology to meet the requirements of increased workforce efficiency, greater employee engagement, improved employee experience, and reduced costs of critical business processes. 


  1. Video Q&A: Dr. Steve Hunt discusses the post-COVID return to the office

  2. SuccessFactors Time Tracking

    Video Q&A: Amy Wilson Discusses SAP SuccessFactors Time Tracking

  3. SAP SuccessFactors

    Meet the Women Steering the Ship at SAP SuccessFactors

    Reading time: 14 mins


  1. AspireHR, Inc.

    Reading time: 14 mins

    At AspireHR, we put our employees first in everything we do. We know that our greatest assets are our people, who bring their deep HR expertise to our customers. This focus on  employees first  guides us in every decision we make as a company and also in how we treat our customers. AspireHR provides our…
  2. Integrate Service Vendors into Your SAP Time Sheet Process

    Reading time: 14 mins

    Many companies increasingly use service vendors to staff their projects. Integrating those contractors into your SAP processes reduces administrative tasks, cuts time-to-close, and increases the quality of your financial data. Many companies are not using the provided functionality to its full extent, some because they are unaware of it and others because of drawbacks generated…...…
  3. Best Practices Migrating to the New General Ledger A Three Phase Approach

    Reading time: 11 mins

    Use this three-phased approach to upgrade to the new G/L in mySAP ERP.MySAP ERP 2005 includes a migration tool to assist in the upgrade project. Key Concept By selecting the option to upgrade to SAP’s new General Ledger structure, you must understand this is a full-blown consulting project, and should be treated as such. mySAP…...…
  4. Easily Tie Compensation to Targeted Performance by Integrating SEM’s Balanced Scorecard with HR

    Reading time: 13 mins

    Learn how to integrate the Balanced Scorecard with HR to compare goals of the employees with company objectives. You can tie employees’ personal scores from the Balanced Scorecard to their salary. Key Concept Strategic Enterprise Management (SEM) defines strategies, scorecards, perspectives, objectives, measures, and initiatives. You can also form scorecard hierarchies and groups. In addition,…...…
  5. Improve Efficiency of HR Service Request Processing with SAP Personnel Change Requests

    Reading time: 15 mins

    Many organizations process HR service requests inefficiently via paper or email, requiring thorough HR validation. Accelerate the HR service request processing cycle, improve data quality, provide reliable and measurable routing, and allow managers to easily create HR requests for their employees with SAP Personnel Change Requests (PCRs). Key Concept SAP’s Personnel Change Request (PCR) is…...…
  6. Set Up Third-Party Orders Right the First Time for Trouble-Free Operation

    Reading time: 46 mins

    For third-party sales operations, it is important to set up master data and conduct continuous maintenance. Ignore these and face significant cost. Key Concept Third-party sales is a typical scenario in today’s competing global economies, where the “best of breed” products are manufactured for a given company by smaller niche manufacturers or associated business partners…....…
  7. Configure Payslip Messages to Improve Communication with Employees

    Reading time: 9 mins

    Many of the communications that you wish to send to your employees do not warrant a formal letter. You can create a payslip message to inform your employees of short but important messages using infotype 0128, which allows you to print messages on your employee payslips. Key Concept The HR Form Editor, transaction PE51, allows…...…
  8. Take a Fresh Look at the Redesigned SAP List Viewer in SAP NetWeaver ’04: Write Programs to Present Tabular Data in Less Time and with Fewer Lines of Code

    Reading time: 2 mins

    As an application developer, you are all too aware of the effort involved in coding generic reporting and interaction capabilities, such as sorting and totaling, into your applications from scratch. The good news is that SAP NetWeaver ’04 provides a completely redesigned, fully integrated SAP List Viewer (ALV) that enables you to embed reporting and…...…
  9. The New EJB 3.0 Specification — Why It’s Time to Reevaluate Enterprise JavaBeans

    Reading time: 2 mins

    The new EJB 3.0 (JSR-220) specification has enhancements that help address the inadequacies of the previous release, and it might even change your mind about using EJBs. This article helps you get the emerging EJB standard into perspective so you can evaluate it for your own environment. See how EJBs have morphed into elegant Plain…...…
  10. Ensure the Success of Your SAP Implementation Projects Through Meaningful Communication — a Guide to Creating a Communications Plan

    Reading time: 1 mins

    Every project requires a certain amount of communication — perhaps a weekly report to the project team, quarterly presentations to the executive team, or meetings whenever a milestone is at risk. In the rush to start and finish a project, however, an organized approach to communication is often overlooked, which can result in increased calls…...…