Governance, Risk & Compliance

Increased regulation, and significant technology and business transformation holds ramification for GRC teams and strategy. Content in this category targets risk, audit, and compliance leaders and their teams. We will explore best practices from process perspective, but also delve into how organizations are using both SAP and third-party solutions to manage risk, user access, security, data protection and privacy and support their overall controls environment. Explore best practices, and case studies that will help your organization improve their current compliance initiative, apply leading edge technology, and get greater visibility into the key risks and vulnerabilities that impact your organization.


  1. GRC for SAP S/4HANA and Cloud Applications Research Report

    Reading time: 1 mins

  2. Managing the Identity Life Cycle in Hybrid SAP Environments

    Managing the Identity Life Cycle in Hybrid SAP Environments

    Reading time: 13 mins

  3. firefighter

    Brighthouse Financial Accelerates User Provisioning Cycles

    Reading time: 4 mins


  1. Icertis

    Reading time: 4 mins

    Before integrating Saviynt’s Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solution and SAP Access Control, Brighthouse Financial ran an entirely manual user provisioning process using an access request feature in SharePoint. This case study explains how the Fortune 500 company improved their user provisioning processes for SAP products with SAP Access Control and then implemented Saviynt’s IGA…
  2. SAP capabilities for run-time, configurable attributes and rules for data protection and privacy

    In this era of cyberattacks and GDPR, data privacy and protection has stepped to the forefront of the enterprise security agenda. This session will explore SAP’s capabilities to support this effort. You will: - Understand the latest status of run-time authorizations as employed by SAP’s UI Data Protection Masking solution - See use cases and…
  3. CIO’s Perspective: BekaertDeslee Created A Smart Change Management Solution to Achieve Audit Comfort

    Change is a fact of life for many organizations, but constant change to SAP systems also carry both risk and discomfort for auditors. In this executive keynote by Rik Holvoert, CIO of the world leading manufacturer of mattress textiles, BekaertDeslee, attendees will learn how this medium-sized but globally operating company, manages compliance and provides auditing…
  4. Audit and Risk Management: Plug & Play for SAP ERP

    It’s a volatile time to be in business. Not only is there more pressure on people and processes caused by constant technological disruption, but we are also now living in a world of ever-increasing risk, legislation, and regulation. Magnitude Every Angle has long helped companies to understand the root causes of issues and bottlenecks in…
  5. Expert Q&A: Modernize your SAP Audit Strategy

    Compliance is always a moving target as emerging regulations and business conditions warrant new approaches to protecting your organization. Join SAP expert Steve Biskie as he answers key questions on what the different type of audits you need to prepare and how to pass them with flying colors. Understand what documentation you need to prepare…
  6. Surviving an SAP Audit — How to Keep the Auditors out of your Hair

    This session will provide tips and practical advice that will enable you to not only survive an SAP audit but do so in a way that keeps your sanity and a smile on your face. You’ll learn about the different types of audits and how these might impact auditor expectations and you will come away…
  7. What’s new in Access Governance: Implications for Identity Access Management and Access Control

    Most SAP customers have significant investments in their on-premise landscape, including a high level of compliance and governance thanks to identity access management and Governance solutions. But what happens to all of these solutions once you move to cloud and need to manage access across the landscape all at the same time? In this session…
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    How can you navigate relentless disruption and the uncertainties that tomorrow will bring? By becoming a more kinetic enterprise, an intelligent enterprise that is built to evolve—adapting fast and moving with impact no matter what the future throws at you. Deloitte understands what it takes—and how you can deliver results with SAP solutions enabled by the cloud. Each day across the globe, our team of more than 23,000 professionals works with industry leaders to reimagine everything, realize the kinetic enterprise, and unleash cloud-enabled innovation to make an impact that matters.  Contact us to get the conversation started.

  9. Audit Preparation

    Reading time: 3 mins

    Preparing for new and potential scenarios, regulations, and risks requires increasingly complex auditing roles. How can you ensure that your organization is prepared for audit and that your internal and external audit teams have everything they need? Sessions in this track will cover best practices and thought leadership to help you understand how to improve…