Building an AI Strategy for your organization: An executive perspective

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Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning are all the buzz in the business and technology circles. But really understanding AI and all its various flavors can be a challenge. And most leaders and organizations are struggling to figure out the proper use cases for AI within their companies that will generate a tangible return. In this interactive webinar you’ll hear from IT and Tech leaders on how they are exploring AI capabilities and piloting use cases within their company. You will

  • Hear real-world cases of how SAP customers are applying AI to benefit and improve specific business processes.
  • Understand how early adopters are tackling AI challenges when it comes to skills, data models, and user engagement and training.
  • Learn how leaders are navigating the vendor and partner landscape to test out key AI tools and features that are embedded in various solutions.
  • Explore lessons learned from early AI projects including tips on how to work with service partners and creating AI centers of excellence within your organization to drive future projects.



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