Dr. Marco Sisfontes-Monge

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Dr. Marco Sisfontes-Monge

Dr. Marco Sisfontes-Monge

Managing Partner, Arellius Enterprises

Dr. Marco Sisfontes-Monge is a managing partner of Arellius Enterprises. For more than 15 years he has supported SAP implementers, direct clients, and other customers in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia, and Africa in the industries of automotive, insurance, pharmaceutical and healthcare, logistics, software, utilities, chemical, oil and gas, exploration and natural resources, discrete and process manufacturing, retail, and financial services. His background includes project management and performance measurement, product- and activity-based costing, design optimization, discrete and process simulation, system dynamics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and advanced statistical methods. He also has finance specializations from the London Business School and Saïd Business School from University of Oxford in England. You may contact him via email at msisfontes@arelliusenterprises.com.

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