Best Practice Demand Forecasting with SAP IBP

Best Practice Demand Forecasting with SAP IBP

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Contributing Editor: John Yuva, SAPinsider

Demand Forecasting with SAP IBP

Robust is a difficult term to define. It’s something that is useful for the organization, something that makes sense. A robust demand forecasting process must be able to handle variances in demand and enable control of your supply chain — with the intent of avoiding situations where you have 1,000 days of inventory or are missing 50% of production orders that should have been delivered to the client. In both scenarios, you can lose a client in the process.

With a robust system, you can adjust quickly to your forecasting needs and how your market is changing. And to view recommendations to adjust. This is where SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) for demand can help. SAPinsider sat down with Dr. Marco Sisfontes-Monge, Managing Partner of Arellius Enterprises, to discuss demand planning and forecasting when utilizing SAP IBP.

Watch this video and learn:
• Why a robust demand forecasting process is critical for supply chain planning;
• The types of capabilities of SAP IBP in the area of demand planning and forecasting;
• What are some of the forecasting tools and algorithms available within SAP IBP;
• What are some of the best practices in forecasting, such as choosing the right KPIs.


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