Increase SAP Resilience and Unlock Innovation with the only SAP Certified Security, Business Monitoring and Observability Platform

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Key Takeaways

⇨ How to break down the silos and misaligned metrics across different teams when there’s a security incident or an operational outage

⇨ How to get ahead of cyber threats with user behaviour analytics, automated audit reporting, access monitoring and alerting, and vulnerability and threat correlation

⇨ Baseline and track all business KPIs before, during and after migrations and upgrades

Increasingly complex end-to-end business services go beyond SAP. Services integrate across a broad shared technology and infrastructure landscape, including shared integrations, load balancers, firewalls, message queue services, web services, archive systems, authentication services, and many other applications.

In this presentation, we discuss how customers have reduced cost and driven revenue by consolidating all SAP observability, security, compliance, integrations, and business operations monitoring and alerting. With over 1,600 out-of-the-box SAP use cases and 13 SAP Certifications, customers can gain full coverage for all ABAP, Java, Cloud and SaaS solutions like SAP® Ariba®, SuccessFactors®, Cloud Platform Integration, Business Technology Platform and more. What’s best is that it can be completely operational within days.

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